Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan brings home brand new Lamborghini Urus | Video

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Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan brings home brand new Lamborghini Urus | Video

Mumbai: Many people dream that they should have something in life or even an expensive thing. The shape of the object changes, but the dream remains. That was the dream of actor Kartik Aryan. Of course, his dream came true. But then he also expressed his displeasure by saying that I am not made for some expensive things. Because he bought the car and was struck by an explosion. Now you have the same question as to what exactly caused this explosion and why Karthik is saying this?

Currently, Karthik Aryan is much talked about on social media. The reason behind it is the same. On the strength of your acting in a very short time BollywoodThe young actor, who has made a name for himself in India, has bought a car from Italian luxury brand Lamborghini. Located in the best selling range in India Lamborghini He has bought the Urus car.

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Karthik got this black luxury car. This moment in his life after overcoming Corona doubled the joy. But at that moment, he was shaken. No one was harmed, but yes, there was a lot of discussion on social media. Unexpectedly, Karthik was posing for a photo with his new car. At the same time a decorative firecracker exploded and red paper began to fly behind the car. Karthik literally woke up as the sound of firecrackers was completely unexpected. After which he posted the same video to announce the news that he bought the car with great enthusiasm. Where, even if you buy a car, most likely you are not made for these expensive items, he was seen saying in a big funny estimate.

Seeing Karthik’s Lamborghini Urus, the fans wished him all the best. It is learned that he bought the car for Rs 4.5 crore. In addition to these cars, he also owns a BMW 5 Series and a MINI Cooper. Meanwhile, the actor in Bollywood Ranveer Singh And director Rohit Shetty has Lamborghini Urus.

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