Mucormycosis 2021: The ‘black fungus’ Lacelated Covid Patients in India, What are the Symptoms, Easy Remedies and Prevention of Black Fungus

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What is the symptoms of black fungus (mucor mycosis), fatal disease after corona, symptoms, treatment, causes

People are already very scared due to corona virus and now black people are also known as mucormycosis in those infected with corona virus and those who have been cured of corona virus. Symptoms of life-threatening illness have started appearing.

In the second wave of the same corona virus itself, these symptoms have started appearing in corona patients and the patients who have been cured are also showing symptoms of this disease. In today’s article, we will give you information about this dangerous disease, as well as tell you how you will see its symptoms and whether it is necessary to take a prescription.

Black Fungus

What is black fungus infection

It is a very rare infectious disease that develops due to mucor fungus. It mainly manufactures itself in soil, manure, plants, rotten fruits and vegetables. Many great experts say that it occurs everywhere in the nose and mucus of a healthy person. Steroids are used to treat severe coronavirus-infected patients and to reduce lung inflammation.

WIt protects the body from damage when the immune system becomes highly active in the body to fight the corona virus, but friends it reduces immunity and without sugar in patients with diabetes or diabetes. Greatly increases the level. Clothes Doctors and experts believe that the immunity system becomes much weaker in patients who have been infected with the corona virus or have undergone recovery and that is Why black fungal disease has started infecting such people.

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Who is infecting black fungus (After Covid)

In the last 10 to 15 days, the disease has been occurring in people who have been infected with coronavirus or who have been cured of coronavirus disease. Doctors say the disease has become more active in the second wave of coronavirus and that it is slowly increasing the number of its infections.

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There is already a disease or those who are resistant to this disease have weakened their immune system, people will soon be caught in it disease and this disease is causing loss of eyesight and in some of its serious patients, their nose and jaw are being removed Also had to be cut off from the body of the patients.

Symptoms of black fungus infection

A person infected with black fungus starts having sinusitis and many more symptoms start appearing inside the infected person. Some of the main symptoms of this disease are as follows.

  • Nasal congestion
  • Dark water or bleeding within the nose
  • Jaw pain
  • Half face or full face numb
  • Swelling of half face or full face
  • Toothache
  • Toothed teeth
  • Have a fever
  • Skin rash
  • Gradually less visible in the eye
  • Feeling chest pain
  • Having trouble breathing
symptoms of black fungus

Symptoms of Black_Fungus

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Black Fungus Infection (Mucor Mycosis) Treatment

If you are seeing some symptoms of black fungus or Mucor mycosis disease, control of the disease can be found through antifungal therapy by contacting a doctor and to a large To this extent, patients of this disease also recover.

But friends, most of the people coming into contact with this disease are losing their lives, many big experts believe that 50 percent of the people who are coming currently dying from exposure to the disease and the remaining 50 percent are recovering from the disease.

Black fungal disease advisory of ICMR

An advisory has been officially issued by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) regarding the prevention of black fungus disease and some other necessary precautions and its information is as follows below.

black fungal disease advisory of icmr

Black Fungal Disease Advisory of ICMR

After recovering from the corona, remember the important things –

  • If you have diabetes, your risk of black fungal disease will be the highest and that is why it is important to control your blood sugar first to control this disease.
  • If you have corona positive and you are recovering from it and by then, if you have diabetes, after you have completely recovered, check your glucose levels regularly and keep track of it as well.
  • If your doctor recommends taking steroids, it is very important to take it at the right time and also remember the amount and duration of taking it.
  • You have to use clean and very clean water while doing oxygen therapy.
  • You should take important precautions when using antibiotics and antifungals.
  • Important precautions for black fungus disease prevention –
  • Use a mask before visiting a place with extremely dusty soil.
  • Use shoes while doing more gardening in the fields, and cover the hands and feet completely and if possible, use gloves.
  • Continue to take a bath every day and clean the house and all the things you use.
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Black fungal infection epidemic

Even before the end of a disaster, another tragedy has arisen. Yes, the corona epidemic in our India is creating havoc on the one hand that black fungal disease has started spreading its legs on the other side.

Black fungal infection is spreading rapidly in various areas of Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Telangana. In Rajasthan and Telangana, this disease has spread in such a way that the government has declared it epidemic. An appeal was made by the Ministry of Health to declare it an epidemic, after which Rajasthan and then the Telangana state government decided to declare an epidemic.

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Prevention to avoid black fungus

By following the precautions given below, you can avoid black fungal infection. It is mostly affecting the corona infected person or the person who has recovered from it, therefore it is necessary to pay special attention to such people –

  • If you have a sugar problem, then it is very important to keep your blood sugar under control.
  • Proper, rational and judicious use of steroids is a must.
  • Frequent replacement of oxygen tubing and re-using the used oxygen tube can be very dangerous in this
  • situation. So it is better that you use a new tube.
  • During the delivery of oxygen to the patients infected with the Karona virus, it is important to check the
  • humidity of their body and it is extremely important to do this continuously again and again.
  • It is very important for such patients to wash their nose for about 2 times a day.
  • It is very important to check the corona infected patients on the first, third and seventh day and intensive discharge of the patient is necessary while discharging from the hospital.
  • It is extremely important to take all necessary precautions as advised by the doctor.
  • Follow all types of safety standards to avoid corona virus and black fungal disease and do not let yourself and family feel discouraged in these odd situations.


When did black fungus disease start?

The disease started in the second wave of corona virus.

What problems do the infected patients of Black Fungus Disease experience?

There is also a danger of light loss of eyes and death of the eyes.

Is black fungus disease happening to the corona infected patients only?

Both the corona infected patients and the recovered patients.

Is black fungus disease fatal?

This disease is very deadly and the number of infections in the country is increasing gradually.

What is the treatment for black fungus disease?

It can be corrected by detecting the symptoms in time.

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