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BJP will break 3500 mosques, Strong debate on the demands of MPs

bjp rally
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BJP was trying to demolish 3,500 mosques in the state. And for this he has also made a list.

Assam assembly elections ahead. And with the upcoming elections, all the opposition parties in the ruling party have come down. Two days ago, the Congress announced an alliance with five parties to stop the BJP in Assam. One of the five parties is Badruddin Ajmal’s All India Democratic Front (AIUDF).

bjp rally

bjp rally

The AIUDF is known as a communal party. This time, such communal remarks by AIUDF MP Badruddin Ajmal took Assam politics into a storm. AIUDF MP Badruddin Ajmal made the controversial remarks while addressing a public meeting in his constituency Gauripur against the BJP.

He said in the rally that the BJP was the enemy of the country, the enemy of women and the BJP was trying to demolish 3,500 mosques in the state. And for this he has also made a list.

Badruddin Ajmal claimed that if the B.J.P came to power again at the Center, it would demolish those mosques. He also said that if the BJP came to power again in Assam, it would not allow women wearing burqa to leave their homes.

He meant that if the BJP came to power in the state, the burqa would be banned. However, he did not claim on what basis he was making these claims.

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Let us know that all the madrasas run by the government in Assam have already been closed. Although not all madrasas, all government-run religious schools have closed.

The government has made it clear that religious education will no longer be provided with government funds. However, the government has allowed religious institutions, including private madrasas, to operate in the state.

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Assam government minister Himanta Biswa Sharma had earlier said that if the BJP came to power this time, it would implement anti-profit jihad laws in the state. He said that cheating Hindu girls by hiding their name and identity will no longer be tolerated. He also said that Ajmal’s boys are implicating Hindu girls in the state. He will take action against it.

However, the Congress is in trouble over such communal remarks by the head of the All India Democratic Front, an ally of the Congress. The Congress is questioning the communal incitement in the face of the head of the party’s ally who talks about secularism across the country.

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