bjp leader amit malviya news: tmc mp nusrat jahan news today

bjp leader amit malviya news: tmc mp nusrat jahan news today


  • Amit Malviya tweets TMC leader’s video inside Parliament
  • Said- Apart from your personal life, you are an elected public representative
  • TMC leader had called his partner with Nikhil Jain illegal in the country

New Delhi
Controversy over Bengali actress and TMC MP Nusrat Jahan’s marriage to businessman Nikhil Jain is not taking the name of calm. Now BJP leader Amit Malviya has raised the question about this. BJP IT chief raised the question by tweeting in this regard. Malviya said that TMC MP Nusrat Jahan Ruhi Jain has her personal life. No one should care with whom she marries, with whom she lives.

Nusrat Jahan deleted wedding photos from Instagram after separating from husband Nikhil Jain
So has Nusrat lied in the house?
The BJP leader, while tweeting a video of Parliament, raised the question that but he is an elected public representative. Also, there is a record of marriage with Nikhil Jain in the records of Parliament. So has he lied in the House?

had broken ties with husband
Nusrat Jahan had broken ties with her husband Nikhil Jain a day earlier. He said that we were married according to Turkish law, so it is not legal in India. Thus the question of divorce does not arise. For some time, news of rift between Nusrat and Nikhil was coming to the fore. Nikhil said that Nusrat is not with him for 6 months. On the other hand, when the news of Nusrat being pregnant came out, Nikhil said that he was not aware of it. Even if Nusrat is pregnant, then the child is not hers.

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Nusrat Jahan broke ties with husband Nikhil Jain, said – marriage was done by Turkish law, not valid in India
‘It’s not a marriage, just a live-in relationship’
The actress further said, ‘Legally this marriage is not valid but a live-in relationship. So the question of divorce does not arise. We parted a long time ago but I didn’t talk about it because I wanted to keep my private life to myself. In the eyes of the law, this marriage is not at all.

All photos deleted from social media
Nusrat has also deleted all the pictures of her marriage with Nikhil from social media. Nusrat had also made sensational allegations against Nikhil in his statement on Wednesday before deleting the wedding pictures from Instagram. Nusrat had alleged that Nikhil has taken all her ancestral jewelry and money. Nikhil and Nusrat had a love marriage. Both had met each other in 2017-2018. Nusrat married just after becoming an MP in 2019.

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