Bird Flu: Fully Banned Chicken and Egg Sales in all 3 Delhi

Three Delhi Municipal Corporations have banned the sale of chicken in their respective areas due to bird flu. In addition, restaurants and hotels warn against serving egg and poultry meat-based dishes.

Bird flu scare: All meat shops, processing units of meat, keeping live rooster and chickens etc. at any other place and purchasing, packaging and selling their meat immediately under all the North and South Delhi Municipal Corporation. With effect, the entire order has been completely banned.

In view of the bird flu, the corporation has ordered all hotel and restaurant operators not to serve poultry products or eggs or else appropriate action will be taken. Action will be taken by the Regional Deputy Director against the violators and the license of the violators will be canceled. In view of the increasing risk of bird flu, this ban has been imposed by both the municipal corporations.

bird flu
bird flu

In view of the bird flu havoc, many state governments have already banned non-veg items, but chicken, eggs and poultry meats have been completely banned in the capital. All three Delhi Municipal Corporations have banned the sale of chicken in their respective areas. Along with this, restaurants and hotels have also been warned against serving egg and poultry meat based dishes.

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The North Delhi and South Delhi corporations issued the order on Wednesday while the East East Delhi Municipal Corporation warned the restaurant in the evening. The North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) also said, “All types of poultry, meat shops and meat storages, cooking and packaging have been banned with immediate effect in areas under NDMC (North Delhi Municipal Corporation).” This order will have to be followed till the next date. ”

Bird flu confirmed in a sample of two crows in a park in Dwarka in Delhi

It is worth noting that amid the latest reports of birds dying in different parts of the country, the outbreak of bird flu has been confirmed in 10 states of the country. Samples from Maharashtra and Delhi have also been found positive. Several ducks were found dead in Delhi’s Sanjay Lake, after which the authorities declared the area as an ‘alert zone’. In the last few days, 91 crows were found dead in 14 parks of DDA.

Poultry products will not cause avian influenza

As soon as the bird flu cases came up, it is rumored that humans may also get bird flu by eating chicken, mutton or egg. While the authorities have overcome the fear of those who consume poultry products, there is no risk of infection if the chicken or egg is cooked and eaten properly. Because this virus cannot survive in high temperature. Also, the central government has to tell the states that there is no use to ban mandi or poultry products. Because there is little chance of infection spreading. Simultaneously, the Center directed the states to maintain adequate stock of PPE kits and accessories for adequate operation.

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Bird Flu: Giriraj Singh wrote to Kejriwal, said – why not listen to the Centre’s advice

Amid growing danger of bird flu, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) on Monday had asked all the Chief Ministers that the state administration should prevent it at the district level. The PM also warned him of this growing danger during the Corona crisis in online interactions with the Chief Ministers. PM Modi had said that the state governments in the states where the bird flu has not reached yet, will also have to be completely alert. so that the information about sickness of birds is given priority.

Prime Minister had also alerted

Significantly, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also told all those state governments to be vigilant wherever avian influenza cases came. Along with this, he has also asked to ensure constant vigilance near places like water bodies, zoos and poultry farms. The Prime Minister had hoped that through proper coordination between the Forest, Health and Animal Husbandry Departments, we may be able to overcome this challenge soon.

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