bihar unique marriage news: Bihar me unique marriage

bihar unique marriage news: Bihar me unique marriage

Amit Giri, Chapra
Have you ever heard that a woman got married to someone after a love affair and then after a while her choice changed? Not only this, the situation became such that with whom the woman got married, she decided to leave her and bond with her new lover in marriage. That too when the woman had become a child mother. A similar shocking case came up in Chhapra in Bihar. Where the married woman fell in love with someone else, the husband got her married with her lover.

Married after love affair, then woman falls in love with someone else, so …

Actually, a video related to this whole incident in Chapra is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The story of this video seems to be similar to the Bollywood movie ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’. In the film, the husband decides to get his wife married to her ex-boyfriend. You have seen this on the film screen, but now a similar case has come up in Chhapra, Bihar, where a young man got his wife married to her lover.

Despite a girl, the woman insists on marrying her lover, then the husband took this step

After the marriage, when the husband and his ex-wife and her lover were returning from the temple, then someone made this video and uploaded it on social media. The whole matter is being reported from Gheghata village located in ward number 45 of the Municipal Corporation area. The married woman also has a daughter, but even after the first marriage, the woman’s love fever did not come down. After which the husband took this step and took both of them to the temple and got them married.

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The woman made serious allegations against her husband, because of this she married

The woman’s husband told that his love marriage was done, after which the wife fell in love with someone else, so I happily got her married. On the other hand, Nikki, the married woman, accused the first husband of assault. He told that just after marriage, the husband hit me. He said that I have happily married this on my own free will.

The woman’s new husband said – we have been together for 6 months


In the viral video, Nikki said that I have left my husband of my choice and got married again. She also said that now she will not leave her husband. The new husband also accused the woman’s ex-husband of torturing her. Both said that we are happy with the marriage and have been together for about 6 months. The woman’s first husband said that we have a daughter, we will raise her well.

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