bihar news: who killed dentist wife in naubatpur

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bihar news: who killed dentist wife in naubatpur

Patna’s Doctor Wife Murder Case: Police is still looking for clues in the sensational murder case of the doctor’s wife in Bihar’s capital Patna. The biggest question before the police is that on whose call Rimjhim Chaturvedi reached Naubatpur?

The police have not yet got any specific clue in the murder case of the dentist’s wife in Patna. On Tuesday evening, Rimjhim Chaturvedi, the wife of a doctor, was shot dead in Naubatpur.

Police hope for clues in mobile
Rimjhim has a beauty parlor in Boring Road, Patna. Rimjhim’s husband Vishwajit Chaturvedi is a dentist in Ghazipur, UP and she herself was a resident of Buxar. She lived with her 14-year-old son in a flat in Krishna Kunj Apartment on Sahadev Mahato Marg of SK Puri police station area of ​​Patna. According to the parlor staff, a call was received on Rimjhim’s mobile on Tuesday and she left after saying that she would return in a while. The police suspect that the one who called Rimjhim on his mobile phone also killed him.
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On Wednesday, the family members had filed a missing complaint.
On Wednesday itself, Rimjhim’s family members lodged a complaint about his disappearance around 11 am. But before that at 9 in the morning, the police found Rimjhim’s body in Naubatpur.

Who called the doctor’s wife?
According to Phulwarisharif SDPO Manish Kumar Sinha, Rimjhim had left her parlor at around 3 pm on Tuesday. Technical investigation revealed that he was murdered around 4.30 pm on Tuesday. According to the police, she reached Naubatpur via AIIMS Patna and was constantly talking to a person on the phone. It is not yet clear in which vehicle she went. Also she was alone or was there someone else with her.
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Rimjhim was hit with one bullet in his mouth and the other in the stomach. Police also found a live cartridge from the spot. Both his mobile phones with Rimjhim were also switched off at around 4.30 pm at the spot of the murder in Naubatpur.

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Murder was not done for robbery – Police
According to City SP (West) Ashok Mishra, the incident could also be a result of a vengeful murder or a love affair. According to them, Rimjhim’s body had precious ornaments on it and it was not even touched. Preliminary investigation reveals that she herself went to Naubatpur on someone’s call.


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