bihar news: tej pratap yadav caught a drunken youth in patna

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bihar news: tej pratap yadav caught a drunken youth in patna


  • Political rhetoric on the prohibition law in Bihar
  • Tej Pratap Yadav tweets ‘proof’ with video
  • Tej Pratap caught a drunken youth in Patna

Bihar’s politics is riding on the prohibition law. To stop alcohol, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is making rules on the rule. New methods are suggested to the officers. Strictness and warnings are given. But smugglers think of liquor as a note printing machine. The drinkers go a hundred steps ahead and find alcohol.

Tej Pratap tweets ‘proof’
Lalu Yadav’s son Tej Pratap Yadav caught a drunk man on the road of Patna. Also tweeted a video of a conversation with a child. Along with that, he wrote that ‘Wow re Nitish Kumar, this is the Bihar of your dreams, you get liquor from street to street and Nitish Kumar ji says Bihar of dreams. Nitish Kumar made your children orphans, shame or drown.

Conversation between Tej Pratap and the child
In fact, in the video, the child talks about his father’s drinking. While sharing the video, Tej Pratap called the prohibition law a failure. Regarding the video, Tej Pratap told the media that when he had gone to his cowshed, he saw a man drunk on the road. was holding a child.

Tej Pratap shared the video
Then Tej Pratap shared the video of the conversation with that child on his social media account. In which the child is answering Tej Pratap’s questions. He is telling that he studies in the fifth standard in a government school and his father creates a ruckus after drinking alcohol.

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