Bihar news: man invested 50 rupees for dream eleven in IPL and became crorepati madhubani bihar

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Bihar news: man invested 50 rupees for dream eleven in IPL and became crorepati madhubani bihar


  • Build your own cricket team at a shaving shop in Bihar
  • ….and the lock of luck opened
  • Barber Ashok became a millionaire
  • 50 rupees gave 70 lakhs

You must have seen a lot on TV promotions of winning prizes in IPL tournaments by creating Dream Eleven from a mobile app. But this publicity made Ashok, a resident of Araria Sangram, who ran a shaving shop at Nanoor Chowk in Andhratadhi block of Madhubani, made a millionaire in one stroke.

…and the lock of luck opened
Ashoka’s jackpot took place on Sunday. He made the team in Dream XI on the same night in the IPL match of Chennai Vs Kolkata by investing fifty rupees. Little did he know that the team he formed would really do wonders. All the players of Dream XI made by Ashok performed tremendously and the lottery was held.
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Ashok will get 70 lakh rupees
According to a website, Ashok of Madhubani has also received an official call for this. He got this message from IPL. In this, after deducting thirty percent of the amount, they will get 70 lakh rupees. Ashok, who comes from a poor family, did not expect this even in his dreams.

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Belongs to a very poor family
Ashok Thakur, originally from Araria Sangram area of ​​Jhanjharpur in Madhubani, comes from a very poor family. He maintains his family by running a small shaving shop at Nanour Chowk here.

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‘First pay off the loan then build your house’
According to Ashok, when he came to know that his lottery has been won, he could not sleep for the whole night of happiness. Ashok says that with the money of victory, he will repay the debt on his head and then build his dream home.

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