bihar news: bihar liquor prohibition law know top 10 political statements on sharabbandi nitish kumar lalu yadav

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bihar news: bihar liquor prohibition law know top 10 political statements on sharabbandi nitish kumar lalu yadav

There is constant political rhetoric in Bihar regarding prohibition of liquor. Especially after the death of poisonous liquor, the government is on target. If Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is not ready to back down, then Lalu Yadav feels that the prohibition law should be withdrawn. Know what the narrator said what…

Tejashwi Yadav, Leader of Opposition, Bihar

Tejashwi Yadav made a big allegation and said that ‘the people who sit near Chief Minister Nitish Kumar are engaged in this work. How many MLAs, how many ministers are engaged in this, who are there, everyone is knowing this. Whom is the government asking? Why don’t you go and check yourself? Nitish Sarkar should tell that after the year 2005, how many new liquor shops were opened in Bihar and how many liquor shops were there before 2005? Only cheating is being done in the name of prohibition. Home delivery is being done everywhere.

Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister, Bihar

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that liquor prohibition will be strictly enforced in Bihar. If anyone messes up, he will not be released. The opposition should not do politics on the issue of prohibition. A lot has changed. Domestic violence cases have decreased. Women are most happy with the prohibition of alcohol. Liquor ban has been implemented properly for 5 years but we will implement it in a better way. If the opposition wants to give some suggestions, but negative politics should not be done by the opposition on this serious issue. People are also understanding that what is the mind of the opposition and what is our mind?

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Lalu Yadav, Former Chief Minister, Bihar

Regarding the prohibition law, Lalu Yadav said that the Bihar government has to take this decision. We had said long ago that the difficulties in the implementation of the prohibition law should be sincerely acknowledged and this step should be reversed.

Sushil Modi, Former Deputy Chief Minister, Bihar

At the same time, Sushil Modi said that ‘with what mouth is Lalu Prasad saying today that he was against complete prohibition? If he was against it, why didn’t his party withdraw support to the Nitish government? In Bihar, the RJD-JDU government had implemented complete prohibition in 2016 and while in opposition, the BJP supported it in public interest.

Jagdanand Singh, State President, RJD

Regarding prohibition of liquor, RJD state president Jagdanand Singh said that ‘liquor is being available openly in Bihar. The government is complicit in this. The prohibition law was brought with the support of RJD. Till the time Nitish Kumar was associated with us, the prohibition was successful. As soon as he joined hands with the BJP, liquor started selling in public. Now the condition is such that liquor has also reached every village like a grocery shop.

Sanjay Jaiswal, State President, BJP

BJP state president Sanjay Jaiswal said that there is a need to review the prohibition law. This is a very good cause and a very good effort brought in favor of women by the Chief Minister. The administration is also working hard at its level. Illegal liquor is made even where there is no prohibition. Such incidents happen there too. Therefore, it is not right to link every incident with prohibition. At many places the role of the administration is questionable, the Bihar government must worry about that.

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Ajit Sharma, Leader, Congress Legislature Party

Congress Legislature Party leader Ajit Sharma said that ‘the way death is happening in Bihar due to spurious liquor’. The government should think on this. End prohibition. They had argued that they should be sold at triple or quadruple the price. If we get revenue from it, then the health of Bihar will improve.

Lalan Singh, National President, JDU

JDU national president and MP Lalan Singh said that ‘big fish and small fish are all being arrested. Strict action is being taken against everyone. The opposition is continuously speaking against the prohibition of liquor. If he has the courage, he should declare in his election manifesto that if his government is formed, he will remove the prohibition of liquor from Bihar. Liquor was banned in Bihar, is and will continue to be. It has been strictly enforced. Every important step is being taken to ensure that the prohibition is successful.

Haribhushan Thakur Bachaul, MLA, BJP

Bihar BJP MLA surprised by saying that the prohibition law should be abolished. BJP MLA Haribhushan Thakur Bachaul, who is in the headlines due to the statements, has said that ‘the way the country has withdrawn the agriculture law, the Bihar government should also withdraw the liquor prohibition law’. JDU can come to terms with the statement of BJP MLA Haribhushan Thakur Bachaul.

Neeraj Kumar, Chief Spokesperson, JDU

JDU’s Neeraj Kumar said that ‘BJP has stood together in the House regarding prohibition of liquor. All the MLAs have taken oath for this. Then how are you raising questions? Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who reached Patna during the Prakash Parv, praised it while supporting it and talked about supporting everyone. Do the BJP MLAs today want to belittle the Prime Minister’s words?’

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