bihar news: bihar corona death scam state government hide the death of 3951 people toll reached 5458 to 9429

bihar news: bihar corona death scam state government hide the death of 3951 people toll reached 5458 to 9429


  • Diversion of figures of dead from Corona in Bihar
  • 3 thousand 951 corona dead increased in one day
  • Action will be taken against those who do wrong – Pratyay Amrit

‘Corona case’ has happened in Bihar. People were anticipating this for a long time. For a long time, it was being said that there is a mix-up in the figures of the dead. Now the veil has been lifted from the government’s record itself. In 24 hours, the death toll from Corona went straight from 5 thousand 458 to 9 thousand 429.

Government play in death figures from Corona
In the second wave of Corona, the government game of hiding the death figures has started coming to the fore. The death toll of about 4 thousand people in the state was hidden. So far, the government had informed about 5 thousand 458 deaths due to corona. In 24 hours this figure reached 9 thousand 429. The Health Department has accepted this. Information has also been given through tweet. Although some people believe that if the figures from crematoriums to cemeteries are added, then this number will be many times more.

‘Wrong figure of dead sent from districts’
The Bihar government was releasing the death toll due to corona every day. Reports were being sent to the government from the districts, adding them the full death toll was being released. Now the government investigation revealed that the number of dead being sent from the districts was rigged on a large scale. The districts did not even send the exact number of the dead. Hence, wrong figures were issued.

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‘Action will be taken against those who give wrong data’
Additional Chief Secretary of Health Department Pratyay Amrit admitted that the exact figure of death due to corona was not revealed. In a conversation with the media, Pratyay Amrit admitted that this thing is coming to the fore when the investigation is done from his level. He said that action would be taken against those who misbehaved and did not give the correct number.

Why was wrong information given to the government?
In fact, on May 18 itself, the state government had issued an order to conduct an inquiry into the death due to corona. For this, two types of teams were formed in the districts. In one team, along with the principal of the medical college, the head of the department of medicine of the college was kept. On the other hand, the second team was formed under the leadership of the civil surgeon, which included another medical officer. When the investigation was done at both the levels, it was found that the death figures were hidden. The wrong information was given to the government.

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