bihar news: banka madrasa blast investigation news and updates

bihar news: banka madrasa blast investigation news and updates


  • Banka Madrasa blast investigation
  • According to Bihar Police, there is no terror angle in this.
  • Desi bomb exploded in Madrasa – Police
  • How did the madrasa landed with a country bomb?

The blast at a madrasa in Bihar’s Banka district has been termed by the police as a country-made bomb and not an IED bomb. The district administration held a press conference in this regard on Thursday in which both the District Magistrate and the SP were present.

Desi bomb blast – DistrictAdministration
After the blast in the madrasa, the DM and SP of Banka held a press conference. DM Suharsh Bhagat and SP said that a country-made bomb had exploded in the madrasa. He has no terrorist connections. The madrasa was not even registered, nor was the bomb that exploded in it powerful. According to the district administration, the country-made bomb was kept in a container and it exploded. Bihar Police has investigated the matter from all angles. No IED has been found.

The SP said that Rs 1.65 lakh has been recovered from the almirah of Imam Maulana Abdul Momin Ansari, who was killed in the blast. He said that no other incriminating documents have been recovered and investigation is being done from different angles.
Political ‘bombarding’ on Banka Madrasa blast, ruling parties showering ‘shells’ on each other, BJP’s eyes ‘far’
Did a country-made bomb destroy the madrasa?
Questions have started being raised on this theory of the police. The most important question is, can only one indigenous bomb have the power to destroy an entire madrasa? However, the Bihar Police is not giving any answer on this question.

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Madrasa Blast: ‘Government should investigate all the mosques and madrasas of Bihar’, BJP MLA’s big demand on Banka blast

Meanwhile, a four-member team of the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) of the state police, in collaboration with the Banka police, continued its investigation on Thursday. The ATS team is conducting joint investigation as well as interrogation separately. Sources said the ATS would submit its report to the state police headquarters after a thorough investigation.

Discussion of NIA investigation
However, it is discussed so far that the NIA will investigate this matter. On Thursday, a team of NIA also reached Navtolia in connection with the investigation and the discussion about taking over the investigation of the blast was in full swing. However, the NIA team did not reach the spot till afternoon.

The NIA has not yet taken up the investigation of this case. The Police Headquarters has also denied the NIA probe. The picture can be clear in a day or two about whether the NIA will investigate the blast in the madrasa or not. At present, the investigation of this case has neither been entrusted to the NIA by the Bihar government, nor has the NIA registered any case in this regard till now.

Banka News: After the bomb blast, the madrassa landed in Bihar, discussion of taking the four injured to a secret hideout

This happened in Banka
Fear had spread after a massive explosion in a madrasa of Navtolia under Town police station in Banka district. The blast happened on Tuesday morning. After the blast, the madrasa was completely demolished. The blast was so strong that a part of the madrasa fell on the other side of the road. Police investigation has revealed that the blast took place in the room adjacent to the madrasa. There is a buzz in the area that 4 people have been injured in the blast and they have been taken to a secret hideout. The police also said that the blast was caused by a bomb. But the police is still investigating about where the bomb came from, how it exploded.

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