Biden urges parents to vaccinate their young children

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Biden urges parents to vaccinate their young children

President Biden urged parents of millions of children to get their newly eligible children aged 5 to 11 vaccinated against the coronavirus, calling it a major milestone in the country’s recovery against the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr Biden’s remarks came after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention endorsed the Pfizer-BioNtech coronavirus vaccine for children aged 5 to 11. The decision was in line with the Food and Drug Administration, which on Friday authorized the emergency use of pediatric supplements for children. About 29 million children in that age group.

“For parents across the country, this is a day of relief and celebration,” Mr Biden said, adding that this week the vaccination program was ramping up and more doses were being sent each day, “totally up and running. Was “next week.”

Vaccination of children ages 5 to 11 is expected to prevent about 600,000 new coronavirus cases between now and March 2022. Health officials noted that increased immunity may reduce the likelihood that young children will transmit the virus to vulnerable adults in their families and communities. It will probably keep schools open as well.

White House COVID-19 response coordinator Jeffrey D. Ziants reiterated in a news conference earlier on Wednesday that the rollout was still emerging, promising that there would be millions more pediatric doses “in the air and on trucks” over the next 24. hours. By next week, he said, about 20,000 sites will offer pediatric vaccines, and more will come in the weeks that follow.

Mr Ziants said state and municipal health departments will operate thousands of community clinics at fairgrounds, zoos and sporting events, and schools will host thousands of clinics of their own this year.

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“I know many parents are looking forward to this day, but I also know that some people may have some questions,” Mr Biden told local doctors and community leaders about vaccinations to parents. encouraged to speak.

The president said many vaccine sites would offer parents to take their children for shots after work and after school, at night and over the weekend.

“This vaccine is safe and effective,” Mr Biden said. “So get your kids vaccinated.”

One key resource was still missing from the administration’s rollout: a way to find pediatric doses on, the federal website that helps people find vaccine availability near them. Asked why the administration had not yet programmed the site to find pediatric doses, Mr Ziants said the site would do so by Friday.

“You need to get the vaccines on the sites — the sites have to be up and running,” he said. “By Friday we will have a range of online sites.”

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