Biden nominates two new members of USPS board

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Biden nominates two new members of USPS board

WASHINGTON – President Biden on Friday nominated two new members to the US Postal Service’s board of governors, a move that could jeopardize Louis DeJoy’s position as postmaster general.

Mr. Biden nominated Daniel M. Tangerlini, a former administrator of the General Services Administration during the Obama administration and Derek Kahn, a Republican business executive and former deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget, to serve during the Trump administration. Board.

The chairman chose Mr. Tangharlini and Mr. Kan to replace two board members whose term expires next month and who have been close aides of Mr. DeJoy. Those two members—Ron Bloom, the chairman of the board and a Democrat, and John M. Barger, a Republican – was called President Donald J. was appointed by Trump.

Mr DeJoy, a Trump campaign megadonor and former business executive, has been embroiled in controversy over cost-cutting measures that were blamed for slowing mail delivery during the 2020 election, when many voters cast absentee ballots amid the coronavirus pandemic. was used. The Postmaster General can only be removed by the Board of Governors.

The board is currently made up of four Democrats, four Republicans and one independent. The same party cannot have more than five governors.

The announcement came as a surprise to postal industry executives, who had hoped that Mr. Biden would re-nominate Mr. Bloom, a former Obama administration official and managing partner at Brookfield Asset Management, a real estate investment firm. Last week, the board re-elected Mr. Bloom as chairman over objections from two board members nominated by Mr. Biden; The members had called on the board to postpone the voting.

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Mr Bloom stands with Mr DeJoy and has voiced support for his 10-year plan that will raise some prices and slow service in an effort to offset billions in projected losses. In testimony before a House committee in February, Mr Bloom backed the plan and said it would revive the agency.

“Its focus is on ensuring that the Postal Service is able to fulfill its essential public service mission and meet our universal service obligation in a reliable and affordable manner,” said Mr. Bloom.

In a statement Friday, the Postal Service thanked Bloom and Barger for “their steady leadership and dedicated service to the Postal Service” and congratulated the new nominees.

“We wish them all the best as they move through the United States Senate confirmation process,” Postal Service spokesman David Partenheimer said in the statement.

Congressional Democrats and liberal groups have sought to replace Mr DeJoy since he took office in June 2020, and had urged Mr Biden to install more Democrats on the board who could oust him. In February, Mr. Biden nominated two Democrats and an independent: Anton Hajar, former general counsel for the American Postal Workers Union; Ron Strowman, former Deputy Postmaster General; and Amber McReynolds, chief executive officer of the National Vote at Home Institute. All three have since been confirmed by the Senate.

In recent weeks, some Democratic senators, including Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, have called on the president to replace Mr Bloom, voicing their support for Mr DeJoy.

“I oppose the nomination of Ron Bloom for a new term because I want a new Postal Board of Governors to show DeJoy the door and bring in a new Postmaster General,” Ms Baldwin said in a statement this month.

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Mr. Tangerlini, managing director of Emerson Collective, an organization founded by billionaire Laurene Powell Jobs, has served in various roles in the federal government, including as chief financial officer at the Treasury Department. He also served as city administrator and deputy mayor for the District of Columbia City government for several years.

Mr. Kahn, an executive at Deliver, an e-commerce start-up, served in the Trump administration as an under secretary at the Department of Transportation before becoming deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget. He previously served as policy advisor to the Republican leader, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

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