Be careful if charging mobiles in public places; Your data could be stolen!

Be careful if charging mobiles in public places; Your data could be stolen!

Tech News | Smartphones have become a part of our lives. Some people use the phone so much that in a few hours the phone runs out of battery and they start charging the mobile in a public place. They don’t even know how harmful it is for those people. They may not be aware that hackers monitor these charging points and leak phone data and you don’t even know about it. & Nbsp;

Will be found. Hackers find their target at such charging points, where more people charge their phones. If you are charging your phone with USB installed at these charging points, login to bank apps, UPI app and password with Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Gmail, login are likely to go to hackers. This USB copies all the data from your phone, then the hackers clean up your bank account.

Install malware

Can install viruses. Which will charge the phone and also copy the data in the phone. These hackers create them based on how long they want to steal data. This involves copying data through cookies.

To avoid being targeted by such hackers, always keep a power bank with you or use your own data cable. In case of emergency, if you have to charge the phone in a public place, turn off the mobile and charge with your own cable. Data cannot be transferred when the phone is turned on and off.

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