Ballestas and Paracas Islands: the most visited natural destinations in the long weekend | News

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Ballestas and Paracas Islands: the most visited natural destinations in the long weekend | News

The Ballestas Islands and the Paracas National Reserve, in the Ica region, top the ranking of the protected natural areas that received the highest number of visitors during the last long weekend, from Saturday, October 30 to Tuesday, November 2.

In this regard, the entity highlighted that these destinations guarantee the well-being and health of their visitors in the context of the pandemic and at times when the country promotes the progressive and safe resumption of its economic activities.

sustainable tourism

Visits to protected natural areas are a strategy promoted by the Ministry of the Environment, through Sernanp, “for the conservation of our biodiversity and the generation of sustainable development opportunities for the benefit of thousands of Peruvians.”

“Total more than 50,000 visitors were received ”, Sernanp specified, in a press release that also highlights other destinations, such as the Tingo María National Park (Huánuco), the Huascarán National Park (Áncash) and the Historic Sanctuary of the Pampa de Ayacucho (Ayacucho).

“This list describes the successes of conservation, adventure and culture, that pays tribute to incredible and inspiring places, which together with the local population have overcome obstacles to prosper despite the pandemic ”, added the institution.

Rigorous protocols

To guarantee the health and well-being of visitors, rigorous biosafety protocols have been implemented in each of these protected natural areas, in addition to actions to ensure a responsible visit that avoids any type of impact on their conservation.

Because they are outdoor destinations, these spaces have the ‘Safe Travels’ seal that recognizes them as safe places in Peru. Even the Tingo María National Park was recently included in the list Top 100 Sustainable Destinations by the Green Destinations organization.

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“For families increasingly stuck with technology, a future stay and visit itinerary to protected natural areas would be an opportunity to disconnect,” reported Sernanp.

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