Ayush Sharma did not want Salman Khan to work in ‘Antim’, that was the main reason

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Ayush Sharma did not want Salman Khan to work in ‘Antim’, that was the main reason

Which actor would not want to work with a Bollywood superstar. His next film ” is going to be released soon. Salman’s brother-in-law will be seen in the lead role in this film. You will be surprised to know that Ayush Sharma did not want to work with Salman Khan in this film. The reason for this is also slightly different. In a recent interview, AYUSH said that he did not want ‘Dabangg’ star to work in his film. AYUSH says that he wanted this so that he would not be accused of nepotism again. Talking about this, he further said that he was initially bothered by the fact that Salman is also going to work in the film. Ayush was afraid that people would say that Salman is making this film to help Ayush’s career and he did not want the debate on nepotism to start once again. AYUSH said that he had tried to convince all the family members that Salman should not work in ‘Antim’. At the same time, Ayush was also afraid that he would be seen in a different role for the first time and would not be able to withstand Salman’s stardom in the film. However, Salman told AYUSH that he wants to work in this film and AYUSH will have to see for himself how to do justice to his character. AYUSH said that he remembers how he was trolled on social media when ‘Final: The Final Truth’ was announced. Then people had said that they do not want to see AYUSH in the film. When AYUSH told this to Salman, he said that it doesn’t matter if 5000 people tweet and talk about not watching the movie. ‘Final: The Final Truth’ is set to release in theaters on November 26, 2021.
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