Astrazeneca Vaccine Ban Row Who experts say Covid 19 vaccine safe to use

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Astrazeneca Vaccine Ban Row Who experts say Covid 19 vaccine safe to use

New Delhi: World Health Organization (WHO) experts on Wednesday recommended that countries around the world continue to use the AstraZeneca vaccine. Vaccines have become a health issue for many countries LassiThe use of was suspended. After that, we are also paying attention to the safety of vaccines, said the World Health Organization.

The vaccine is completely safe

The WHO, Europe’s drug regulator, and AstraZeneca have reiterated that the vaccine is completely safe. There is no evidence that this vaccine can cause blood clots or brain hemorrhage. The WHO also gave a clean chit to AstraZeneca, saying no case was found to have any connection between the vaccine and blood clots. France, Spain, Italy and Germany have banned the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine. These countries have said that people have complained of blood clots after being vaccinated.

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The United Nations Health Agency said in a statement that the “WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety is conducting a careful assessment in terms of safety.” Blood clots have nothing to do with vaccines.

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Many countries, from France to Venezuela and Indonesia, have stated that they will not use the vaccine after several cases of blood clots and cerebral hemorrhage in vaccinated people. At the same time, experts say, the vaccine should not be associated with blood coating at this time. Millions of people in the European Union and Britain have so far received doses of the Covid 19 vaccine. Of these, only 40 cases of blood clots have been reported.

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