Asian countries are the main destinations for sacha inchi oil | News

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Asian countries are the main destinations for sacha inchi oil | News

Taiwan and Malaysia were the most important markets for Peruvian sacha inchi oil, jointly concentrating 70% of the total shipments between January and July of this year, which amounted to 1 million 654,000 dollars, reported today the Agro-Export Management of the Association of Exporters (Adex).

Sacha inchi is cultivated in the Amazon and is rich in omega and antioxidants, it is also in demand for its benefits in cosmetics (it helps protect the skin and hair), which influenced the registered growth of 7% (as of July 2021 ) compared to the same period last year (1 million 543,000 dollars), he said.

Between January and July 2021, Taiwan requested it (sacha inchi oil) for $ 691,621, concentrating 42%, and Malaysia did it for $ 467,340, 28%, in conventional and organic presentation, he said.

While Taiwan reduced its orders by 25%, other countries such as Malaysia, Spain and Germany increased them by 144%, 224% and 499%, respectively, he detailed.

The United States (US), Czech Republic, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Mexico also made up this portfolio, he added.

The CIEN-Adex Head of Consulting and Projects, Lizbeth Pumasunco, commented that as a result of the pandemic, consumers prefer products with high nutritional value, for which she recommended that entrepreneurs boost their commercial strategies, as the health crisis caused by the covid-19 too, brings opportunities.

“Some actions are participating in fairs such as Expoalimentaria Virtual 2021, using new technologies, launching products and other aspects,” he said.

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In a commercial intelligence note, the Global Business and Economy Research Center of the CIEN-Adex Exporters Association reported that in 2020, Peruvian exports of sacha inchi oil stood at $ 3.3 million, achieving a growth of 52.8%, compared to 2019.

Asia was the main continent, achieving a concentration of 84% of the total (2,800,000 dollars), followed by North America (8.3% of the total) with 274,000 dollars and Europe (7.5% of the total) with 246,800 dollars, he said.

Last year Lima was the most important exporting region with 76.8% of the total (2,500,000 dollars) followed by San Martín with 22% (723,700 dollars), while Junín was the most dynamic, with an increase of 248.1 % in its sales abroad, compared to the previous year, reported.

Exporting companies Amazon Health products ($ 729,400), Shanantina ($ 607,600) and Flo Trading ($ 567,800) led this ranking, he said.


Regarding the prices in the supermarkets in the destinations, the CIEN-Adex report detailed that they varied according to the dates and their presentations,

In September 2021, prices of $ 21.14 and $ 34.57 were registered in Taiwan and the United States, respectively, the second being an organic product (250 ml bottles), he said.

In Spain the value was $ 14.19 per 200 ml bottle, while in supermarkets in Japan and Malaysia the values ​​exceeded $ 24.55 and $ 29.96 per 250 ml bottle, he added.

The last two were also organic products, he specified.

In the 2016-2020 period, the average FOB export price of sacha inchi oil registered a contraction of 6.2% in annual average, going from 22.3 to 17.2 dollars per liter, he pointed out.

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Published: 9/26/2021

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