Aryan Khan Bail Hearing Day 3 LIVE Updates: Aryan Khan Bail Hearing Day 3 LIVE: These 2 days are necessary for Aryan’s bail, what will be the decision? – aryan khan bail hearing in cruise drugs case at bombay high court day 3 live updates

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Aryan Khan Bail Hearing Day 3 LIVE Updates: Aryan Khan Bail Hearing Day 3 LIVE: These 2 days are necessary for Aryan’s bail, what will be the decision? – aryan khan bail hearing in cruise drugs case at bombay high court day 3 live updates

The hearing on the bail of Aryan Khan, who is lodged in jail in the cruise drugs case, could not be completed even on Wednesday and it was adjourned till Thursday. Now the hearing will start on Thursday i.e. October 28 after 2.30 pm. NCB’s ASG Anil Singh will oppose Aryan Khan’s bail in the court of Anil Singh, Nitin Sambre.

These 2 days are important for bail

The Bombay High Court (Aryan Khan Bombay HC) has only two days left to pronounce judgment on Aryan’s bail. If the verdict is not reached in these two days, Aryan may have to stay in jail till November 15 as the court holidays are starting from October 30. In such a situation, the day of October 28 and 29 is very important for bail.

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What happened at the hearing on Wednesday?

In the last two days, while Amit Desai presented his arguments for Arbaaz Merchant, Munmun Dhamecha’s lawyer Ali Kashif Khan gave his arguments. The bail hearing in court on Wednesday was scheduled to begin at 2:30 p.m., but it began at about 3:45 a.m. and ended at 5:30 p.m. In such a short time, only Amit Desai and Ali Kashif Khan were able to cross-examine their clients – Arbaaz and Munmun. The court then asked ASG Anil Singh to state his case in court on Thursday.

Arbaaz’s lawyer said the arrest was illegal

In the hearing held on Wednesday, Amit Desai in court declared the arrest of his client Arbaaz illegal and said that the arrest memo is only about drug use and there is no conspiracy, then why was the arrest made? Amit Desai also asked the court to grant bail and after that the investigation will continue, no one is stopping him.
Arbaaz merchants are not servants of Aryans, who can control them ‘, Mukul Rohatgi’s argument on drugs in HC
On the other hand, Munmun Dhamecha’s lawyer Ali Kashif Khan Deshmukh, while cross-examining, said that Soumya Singh and Baldev were also present in the room from which the NCB had taken Munmun Dhamecha into custody. NCB also got a paper roll from Soumya. But only Munmun was taken into custody. He said the NCB should have arrested all the 1,300 people on the cruise if they had been arrested just on suspicion. And if Munmun was detained on suspicion of bribery, then on what basis were Saumya Singh and Baldev released.
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Kashif Khan also questioned the NCB’s claim that Munmun Dhamecha had taken drugs and was therefore arrested. On this, Khan said that when the medical test was not done, then on what basis can he say that Munmun took drugs.

Aryan Khan Bail Hearing: If drugs were not found then why Aryan has been in jail for 23 days …. Rohatgi’s arguments, decision on bail tomorrow

Mukul Rohatgi gave these arguments for Aryan

While lobbying for Aryan Khan, former Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi said that NCB is trying to mislead. Rohatgi said anyone should be informed about the right to arrest and bail. He further said, ‘I don’t have WhatsApp chats. The point is that they have chats, they have possession and yet they want to mislead me by not telling me what has been recovered. After reading this remand, anyone will feel that the seizure is related to me or Arbaaz. Although nothing has been recovered from Aryan, Arbaaz has been charged under Section A, BC.

Earlier, in the hearing held in the court of Justice Nitin Sambre on Tuesday, i.e. October 26, Mukul Rohatgi had given several strong arguments while lobbying for Aryan. He said Aryan’s arrest was illegal and asked for bail. Mukul Rohatgi had argued that neither drugs were recovered from his client Aryan Khan nor did he take any drugs while being caught on the cruise. Despite this, Aryan has been imprisoned for 23 days.
Bell to the accused caught with 21 kg of hashish and 2.4 grams of cannabis, understand why Aryan was not granted bail

Allegations of international drug trafficking dismissed
Mukul Rohatgi had also dismissed the NCB’s allegations against Aryan in court that he was part of ‘international drug trafficking’ and said that the drugs were obtained from Arbaaz and not from Aryan. Arbaaz is a friend of Aryan. But Arbaaz is not an Aryan servant. Aryan has nothing to do with what Arbaaz gets and what he doesn’t. Rohatgi had said, ‘NCB is calling it conscious possession and saying that Aryan knew that there were drugs in Arbaaz’s shoes. Even if we consider it as conscious possession, a quantity of 6 grams has been recovered there. How can this lead to smuggling? The conspiracy would have taken place when all the 20 accused arrested had already met each other. No one even knows anyone here. ‘

Due to this, the hearing was adjourned for Wednesday

In Tuesday’s hearing, Mukul Rohatgi was the first to speak in favor of Aryan. Amit Desai then started defending Arbaaz Merchant, but the hearing was adjourned till Wednesday (October 27) due to delay.
Aryan did not have drugs, nor did he consume them, then why jail? These 10 arguments were given by Mukul Rohatgi in HC
Aryan has been in custody since October 2
Let it be known that Aryan Khan has been in custody since October 2. He was arrested by the NCB on a cruise from Mumbai to Goa. Since then, Shah Rukh Khan’s lawyers have tried hard to get bail for Aryan. The sessions court twice rejected Aryan’s bail plea. In such a situation, the expectations of Shah Rukh and Aryan as well as their lawyers are pinned on the Bombay High Court.

The court will open on November 15

Explain that October 30 and 31 is the court’s Saturday-Sunday holiday and Diwali holidays are starting from November 1. Due to this, the Bombay High Court will remain closed till November 12. The court will again have a Saturday-Sunday holiday on November 13 and 14.

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