Are your children making extra use of screen time? Here are some guidelines for parents

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Are your children making extra use of screen time? Here are some guidelines for parents

Mumbai: Lately, even two- to three-year-olds have become so accustomed to mobile that they carry it while eating or sleeping. There are different cartoons or games in it and even children who don’t know it can’t live without it. Children do not feel comfortable without mobiles, TVs, laptops. Therefore, they have to face various physical and mental ailments. Now the Indian Academy of Pediatrics has released some guidelines for parents regarding screen time. & Nbsp;

What is screen time? What’s the effect? ​​& Nbsp;
Screen time is the amount of time you spend looking at the screen of a device with a mobile, TV, commuter, laptop or other screen during the day. At present, one screen or another has become an integral part of human life. But children spend too much time on it. So parents as well as health experts are concerned. & Nbsp;

If the screen is used for your educational work, professional work or talking to your relatives, it is good. If the screen is used to run unnecessary TV shows, violent video games, unsafe websites, it is negative for your health. & Nbsp;

How long should children use the screen? & Nbsp;
Children under the age of two should not use any type of screen. Use the screen only if you want to talk to relatives through video. & Nbsp;
Children between the ages of one and five should not use the screen for more than an hour. Children and adults older than that should use the screen as needed. In addition, make it a habit to play or walk for at least an hour. Also, adolescents should get at least eight to nine hours of sleep. & Nbsp;

What are the consequences if children use screen too much? & Nbsp;
Headaches, eye pain, body aches, insomnia, neck pain, back pain are some of the things that have to be dealt with. In addition, irritability, aggression, violence, inattention, phobos, fear of losing someone, pornography, and depression in children can lead to mental illness. It can affect children’s educational development.

Is there any benefit to digital media? & Nbsp;
We can use the screen in a balanced way. It has many advantages. So you can get knowledge and information. There are some apps in smart phones that help you learn how to improve your health.

At what age to use a mobile?
If children under the age of two start using a mobile It affects their speaking skills or their ability to associate with relatives or other people. Therefore, mobile phones should not be given to children of this age. Adolescents should be given a simple phone so that they can communicate. Let them use smart phones for educational purposes only. & Nbsp;

Should children use social media?
More and more children are using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram. Is. Although it has some advantages, its disadvantages are greater for children of this age. So children can turn to pornography, go on a diet of games like Pubji, become violent, make friends with strangers, and become victims of their sexual abuse. So it is better to use social media sparingly or not at all. & Nbsp;

How to make children behave better online? & Nbsp;
Parents should trust them, talk to them. Parents should tell their children that your private photos, information should not be shared on social media, your language on social media should be polite, and you should not make friends with strangers. & Nbsp;

How to use the screen better & Nbsp;
Parents should explain to their children how to use the screen for work. There should be a balance between using the screen and interacting with your food, games and other people in the family. Do not use the screen one hour before bedtime. Parents need to keep an eye on what their child is doing on social media. & Nbsp;

Follow the 20-20-20 formula
Should be. So the beads don’t hurt. It is also important to follow the 20-20-20 formula when using the screen. It should take a 20 second break every 20 minutes and look at an object 20 feet long. This will help keep your health in balance. & Nbsp;

How to tell if your child is a media addict?
If your child is a media addict, they will continue to use mobile. . If they are told to stop, they become aggressive. Don’t talk to friends or family. They will always be involved in mobile and this is dangerous. & Nbsp;

Parents need to reduce their use of screens
If children want to reduce their use of screens & nbsp; Should do. This can create an ideal in front of the children. As a result, children will reduce their use of the screen and the resulting negativity can be avoided.

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