Are you also stuck with the laptop screen all day long? get old before age

Are you also stuck with the laptop screen all day long? get old before age

Working on phone and laptop throughout the day can affect your health. Firstly, it strains your arm muscles, causes neck pain and weight gain along with dry eyes. Apart from this, using gadgets continuously without taking a break can also have a bad effect on your mental health, which leads to mood swings and irritability.

But do you know that apart from all these side effects, blue light also damages your skin throughout the day. With its frequent use, you can look tired and old before age. This has come to the fore in some recent studies. Here we will tell you how and how harmful the dependence on digital technology is for the skin. What can you do to reduce the damage caused by this?

Blue light of laptop can cause skin damage-

It is not so painful to sit on a laptop for hours, it is more painful to be exposed to its blue light. HEV, also known as blue light, damages your skin cells. HEV illumination is a high frequency and short wavelength of light in the violet blue band in the visible spectrum.

Blue light is also present in all kinds of gadgets including sunlight, light from tubelights, LED and TV screens, smartphones, tablets and computers.

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Increases the risk of skin cell damage-

Your laptop and mobile screens are more prone to damage skin cells. Because they are closer to your face than others. Earlier people were worried about ultraviolet rays, because people believed that it causes skin cancer. But now several studies have shown that cool toned blue light can be equally harmful to the skin.

How blue light affects your skin

Until recently, people only thought that the blue light emitted from gadgets disturbs sleep and also spoils the eyesight. But its effects on the skin have been known only recently. The ultraviolet rays present in the sun’s rays directly damage cell DNA, while blue light destroys collagen by producing oxidative stress.

When chemicals present in our skin absorb blue light, a reaction leads to the formation of unstable oxygen molecules, which are responsible for damaging the skin. These go into the tiny pores in the collagen, causing wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and aging to appear on the face before ageing.

Blue light can change the color of the skin

Many studies have shown that the dangerous blue light emitted from gadgets can also cause hypertension. This means that due to exposure to blue light for a long time, the color of the skin starts changing gradually. This problem is common in people with medium to dark skin tone. Whereas it has no effect on people with white skin tone.

How to protect skin from damage

  1. The best and easiest way to reduce skin damage is to limit the amount of blue light emitted by your gadgets.
  2. For laptop screen you can buy a blue light screen. This will reduce the damage to the skin.
  3. Use LED bulbs, which emit less blue light.
  4. Limit your scrum time.
  5. While working on the laptop, take breaks in between.
  6. To avoid skin damage, apply a mineral sun screen with iron oxide. It prevents blue light from reaching your skin.
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Of course, you cannot avoid working on a laptop all day, but you can follow the methods mentioned here to avoid the blue light coming out of it. This will not give you the problem of aging.

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