Archaeology News : Girl Child Discovers Ancient Gold Coins And Pieces Of Ax Become Popular

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Archaeology News : Girl Child Discovers Ancient Gold Coins And Pieces Of Ax Become Popular

Millie Hardwicke was looking for treasure with her father, Colin. During this, he found gold coins and buttons in the excavation. But even more important than gold, Millie has made a landmark discovery that made her an overnight star. They have discovered 65 pieces of stone in an ax dated to 1300 BC. The 13-year-old Milli has already achieved success during excavation. After digging up the Bronze Age axe, Millie said that whenever I dig, I find something or the other.

He said that I have found a gold plated button and a Queen Elizabethan coin. When you get a signal after being in the field for hours, it feels great because it can be anything. Milli is now gaining popularity in her area. He told that last Sunday when we were out, someone stopped and looked at me and asked, ‘Are you the one who discovered the axe?’
Archaeologists found ‘treasure’ in the depths of the river, 5,500 silver coins were buried 1800 years ago
Local explorers are jealous
Many such people have now started recognizing Millie after this discovery. His mother, Claire Hardwicke, said it was a wonderful discovery. The other detectorists are happy for him. Many people said that it is a ‘once in life’ discovery. Millie’s mother says that the local explorers have become jealous of her. Millie enjoys exploring and working as an archaeologist.

Found on the front page of major magazines
In future, Millie wants to pursue her hobby as a career. Following the discovery of Milli, archaeologists led excavations and detailed investigations in the area. The leading magazine searcher giving information on the discovery of the metal has placed Millie on its front page. After which the local people as well as other metal explorers have started recognizing Milli.

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