Approximate transfer of S / 2 million to Sanipes approved | News

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Approximate transfer of S / 2 million to Sanipes approved | News

The Ministry of Production today approved the transfer of an amount of approximately 2 million soles in favor of the National Fisheries Health Agency (Sanipes), for the improvement of innovation in fishing and aquaculture.

This was determined by Ministerial Resolution No. 00303-2021-Produce, published today in the extraordinary edition of the Legal Norms Bulletin of the official newspaper El Peruano.

The regulation specifies that the financial transfers of resources are authorized from the institutional budget of the National Program for Innovation in Fishing and Aquaculture up to the total amount of one million 194,978.35 soles.

These resources are broken down into 234,593.35 soles for the strengthening of the management for the sanitary authorization of Aquaculture Production Centers in the Puno Region.

Also, in 960,385 soles for the design of a program to control endemic diseases that affect the main aquaculture species

The resources of the authorized financial transfers may not be used, under responsibility, for different purposes for which they are granted.

The National Program for Innovation in Fisheries and Aquaculture is responsible for the monitoring, follow-up and fulfillment of the aims and goals for which the aforementioned financial transfers are made.

The publication of this Ministerial Resolution and its Annex is also available on the Institutional Portal of the Ministry of Production (

The norm bears the signature of the Minister of Production, Yván Quispe Apaza.

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Published: 9/28/2021

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