Apple iphone users will also be able to download fau g game available for ios

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Apple iphone users will also be able to download fau g game available for ios

FAU-G Game: Native Pubji Known as the Indian Battle Royale game FAU-G Now also available for iPhone users. IPhone users will be able to download the FAU-G game from the Apple Store. The game was launched on January 26 this year on Republic Day. At first, the game was only available for Android users. Now the game has been launched for iPhone users as well.

Popular mobile games PUBG Disappointment had spread among pubji lovers after the ban in India. But, Pubji Same Indian game FAU-G The announcement was made by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. Ever since then, youngsters have been eagerly awaiting this game. The game was finally launched on Republic Day. Earlier, the game was launched for Android users. But, now iPhone users can also play this game. Created by Fearless and United Guards FAU-G The game is a battle game just like Pubji. The game was developed by nCore Games Company, a native of Bangalore. Actor Akshay Kumar had announced the launch of Made-in-India FAU-G game after banning Pubji game.

PUBG is different from FAU-G

Comparing the FAU-G game to PUBG, the company said that this game is different from Pubji. FAU-G has been launched without multimode. So PUBG Multiplayer mode was offered in. There is a difference between these two games. Also in graphics FAU-G Game PUBG Puts back. The size of the FAU-G game is 500MB. FAU-G game has been launched in Hindi language. So Pubji was in English.

Some of the proceeds will be donated to the Veer Trust of India

Akshay Kumar had announced the game a few days back. At the time, Akshay Kumar had said, “I am very proud to present this action game in support of Prime Minister Modi’s self-reliance campaign. Fearless and a symbol of unity. Guards – Military. It will be donated to the Veer Trust of India. “

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Aala re aala! FAU-G came to beat PUB-G; Video tweet from Akshay Kumar

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