‘Annapurna-1’ peak difficult even in heavy snowfall

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‘Annapurna-1’ peak difficult even in heavy snowfall

Pune: Dr. Bhushan Hershe, a mountaineer from Giripremi, a leading mountaineering organization in Pune. Sumit Mandale and Jitendra Gaware successfully climbed the world’s tenth highest peak, Mount Annapurna-1 (8091 meters high). & Nbsp; Is the first civic mountaineering organization.

The final peak climb started from Camp 4 late at midnight on Thursday. Heavy snowfall at Camp 4 delayed the start of the final climb, which slowed down due to strong winds in the early hours of the morning. The head of the campaign, Umesh Zhirpe, said that the & lsquo; Summit & rsquo; And today on the 16th & nbsp; Giripremi’s team & lsquo; Summit & rsquo; That was the planning. However, as the route opening team lost 800 meters of rope, they had to immediately call for a 1000 meter rope from Kathmandu by helicopter and take it to Camp 4. Long. Following the weather forecast, Giripremi’s team started the final climb at around 12pm on Thursday night following the route opening. Meanwhile, the climb had to be slowed down due to cloudy weather in the morning. Climbers struggled to climb the hill a few meters below the summit. & Nbsp;

Overcoming all these difficulties, Bhushan, Sumit and Jitendra reached the summit at around 2.15 pm after 14 hours of relentless and relentless climbing. & lsquo; Mount Annapurna-1 & rsquo; This is the eighth expedition of Giripremi, followed by Mount Everest in 2012, Mount Lhotse (fourth highest peak) in 2013, Mount Makalu (fifth highest peak) in 2014, Mount Chou Ou (sixth highest peak) in 2016 and Mount Dhaulagiri (seventh highest peak) Mount Manaslu (eighth highest peak) in 2017 and Mount Kanchenjunga (third highest peak) in 2019 have successfully climbed seven eight thousand peaks.

Mount Annapurna I is located in the Annapurna Himalayas in the Nepal Himalayas. There are many high peaks in this mountain range and Annapurna mountain peak group is especially famous. In this mountain range, 16 peaks are higher than 6000 meters, 13 peaks are higher than 7000 meters and Annapurna-1 is the only 8000 peaks. The Annapurna peak is 55 km long and is surrounded by the glaciers of Gandaki and Marsyangdi rivers. Climbing to the top in the Annapurna mountain range is considered extremely difficult. It is extremely dangerous to climb Annapurna 1 due to continuous avalanches and steep climbing routes. So far, only around 250 climbers have successfully climbed Mount Annapurna-1. Hence the importance of this successful ascent of Giripremi. This success of Giripremi is being appreciated from all levels.

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