Anees Bajmi, who came in support of Shahrukh Khan in the Aryan case, said- they are friends, the truth will be known later

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Anees Bajmi, who came in support of Shahrukh Khan in the Aryan case, said- they are friends, the truth will be known later

Despite spending 42 years in Bollywood, the filmmaker’s activism has not diminished. He has recently completed the shooting of ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’. It was his birthday recently. Anees, who started her career as a child artist, talks openly about issues like conflict, film, anniversary, birthday and so on during her 42 year film career.

Your ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’ has been completed and you have also announced the release date?I make every picture I make with complete honesty. Looks like the film is well made. But this is the Friday that will be released in March to find out whether his grammar was correct or not. There is a little bit of fear in labyrinth 2, laughter is also coming. Tabu, Kiara Advani, Karthik Aryan have also done a good job. Hope everybody enjoys the movie.

There was a lot of controversial news about Karthik Aryan? How was your experience with them?The experience of working with Karthik was great. He is a very good boy. When Karthik’s first film ‘Pyar Ka Panchnama’ came out, I liked his work very much. Whenever I like someone’s work, I don’t see if it’s new or old, I know it or not. I pick up the phone directly and congratulate him. I felt this role is very good, so I called Karthik, he heard and he liked the story a lot. Karthik is a very focused and cheerful boy. She is very honest and hardworking towards her work. The actor is also very good and his future is very golden.

There are also actresses like Kiara and Tabu in the film?As much as I have seen Kiara’s films, I have liked her work very much. She is a very settled actress. Get him one take or ten he knows, he has to do. She is a good actress as well as a better person as far as taboo is concerned, so we both had to work with each other for many years. Everyone knows the level of actress she is. Tabu has done a great job.

On a recent November you have turned 58 years old. What’s so special about this anniversary for you?To be honest, I don’t do any special planning for my birthday but I stay positive every day. I don’t party. Just at home the kids insist, then I cut the cake and eat together at night. When I am shooting, the anniversary falls on the set. There have been many hierarchies in all my films but I don’t tell, but the crew finds out that it’s my birthday. Then they surprise me. Welcome, Singh is King, has got a surprise birthday party on the sets of Mubarak. Even as a child I didn’t celebrate anniversaries, but my mum used to make something sweet. To be honest, the happiness that used to happen is not in these big parties. But my mom was very happy. I would sit with her and she would make sheera (semolina pudding) or kheer for me and I would enjoy it together with mom and dad.

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You have been in the industry for almost 40-42 years, even today people take inspiration from your struggle stories?Conflicts have been innumerable. I must have been hungry for 15 years while struggling. I don’t remember ever having lunch in so many years. Just had breakfast in the morning and left straight at 2 o’clock at night, so my mother would scold me and feed me. Then when some money started coming, he used to make a living by eating a big pav in the afternoon. I remember looking for work on foot rather than traveling by train. I have gone so far that the hard work of my struggling days has come in handy in what I work so actively today.

Have you also worked as a child artist?I was the first junior artist. After that I worked as a child artist in Gulzar Bhai’s film book. I was also a child actor in the movie Horror. I also played the childhood role of Shatrughan Sinha in Manmohan Desai’s destiny. I didn’t have a hobby of acting, I acted in childhood to run the house in compulsion. I have also worked in the sound and editing department. When I got a chance to work with Raj Kapoor as an assistant director in the film Prem Rog, I realized that I enjoy directing a lot.

How much money did you get for Naseeb as a child artist?When I used to work in the beginning, I used to get 13 rupees. Prem Rog used to get Rs 300 as an assistant director and I used to live in Malvani in Malad. Then the bus fare to and from RK Studio used to cost Rs. 300, then my salary would go to my entire bus fare. But there was no problem in working with Raj Sahib. He knew about the conditions of the people. He kept giving everything. They were very kind.

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What would you like to say about the negativity that has been spreading in Bollywood for a long time, from Sushant Singh Rajput to Aryan Khan drug case?No wonder. The film line has always been a soft target. People in our film industry keep doing their job, they don’t even react to these things. But whenever there is some kind of social work, the people who come forward first are the people of our film line. Whether it is a police program or a disaster relief fund. Everyone saves a lot of money and collects it for good deeds. I think people should be sensitive to Bollywood. I have been in this line for 42 years today, good and bad people are everywhere, but it is wrong to project that there are 110 bad people out of 100 in the industry. There are many people in the industry in this Corona period who have helped many needy people. It hurts to hear the film line being discredited. But it is unfortunate that we are busy at work and are soft targets. Who say what they have to say. As much as I have experienced that there are many more lines than this line, where there is a lot of bullying.

What would you like to say in the case of Aryan Khan? So there are friends. He is a tremendous superstar of this line, because we have a personal relationship with him, so obviously there is sorrow. This is a legal matter, so gradually you will know what is the truth in it? What is wrong or right. Ours Our sympathy has always been and will always be with Shah Rukh and Aryan Khan. We know how good Shah Rukh is and how good he works. Now I don’t know everything in detail, so I won’t react to it. But despite this, our whole sympathy is with them.

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