Ancient fossil of fish: Scientists In China Have Discovered 244 Million Year Old Fossil Of Fish First Time In Asia

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Ancient fossil of fish: Scientists In China Have Discovered 244 Million Year Old Fossil Of Fish First Time In Asia

Scientists have discovered fossils of bony Triassic fish in China. According to the Global Times report, 244 million-year-old fossils of a new species of the genus Peltoperlidus have been discovered in Yunnan province of southwest China. It is said that this species of bony fish has been found for the first time in Asia as it was earlier discovered in Italy and Switzerland.

Researchers who analyzed all three fossils said that each species of fish had small and sharp teeth. According to the report, scientists say that this discovery proves that Peltoperalidus lived about two million years longer than before. The fossil was discovered by a research team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing.
A huge 60 million year old fish suddenly found, paleontologists were blown away
First fossils found outside Europe
Paleontology researcher Yu Min told the Global Times that fossils discovered in China had previously been discovered only in Europe. Earlier, paleontologists in Britain had suddenly found the fossil of such a huge fish, which survived even during the era of the extinction of dinosaurs about 60 million years ago. The fossil was identified by paleontologists from the University of Portsmouth, UK. Experts estimated that this giant fish was equal to the Great White Shark.

Giant fossils were found in Britain
This fish found in ancient times was the largest fish of its kind, which suddenly fell into the hands of paleontologists. Scientists found this fish was part of the coelacanths species. Professor Martil, who discovered this fossil, said that my guess is that this fish was very big. Scientists told that even after the extinction of dinosaurs on earth, this species of fish remained alive and roamed in the sea.

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