ananya jamwal kashmiri student: kasmiri students celebrates pak win over india

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ananya jamwal kashmiri student: kasmiri students celebrates pak win over india


  • During the India-Pakistan T20 match, slogans were raised after Pakistan Zinda
  • Ananya tries to stop those who raise anti-India slogans
  • Since then Ananya Jamwal started receiving threats.

People were seen dancing in many places in Kashmir, being happy with the victory of Pakistanis against India in the T20 World Cup. The video also came from Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Srinagar, due to which the Kashmir Police registered the case under UAPA. Due to this case, angry people have now started targeting non-Kashmiris on social media. Also, by sharing the photo of Ananya Jamwal, a student of the same medical college, calling her a police informer and threatening to kill her. Ananya had expressed her opposition to those who raised anti-national slogans.

Student Ananya Jamwal told in a conversation with our partner channel Times Now that people in the medical college raised slogans of Pakistan Zindabad. I was targeted only because I raised my voice against those who were raising anti-national slogans. Ananya told that a pressure is being created on me from the non-local students of SKIMS that if I raise my voice then they will not be safe and their career will also be questioned. I am also being asked to withdraw from social media platforms. Ananya told that by raising her voice, questions will arise on the career of the people of India who are studying in Kashmir, who do not live in Kashmir, who have come to study in Kashmir from outside?

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‘Photo shared on Pak Twitter handle’
Ananya told that a Twitter handle which is operating from Pakistan, shared my photo and threatened to kill me. Ananya asked the question that if raising voice for the country and suffering death threats, is it justified?

‘Strict action should be taken against those who raised slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’
Regarding the video, Ananya said that when I saw that video, I myself was unable to accept that how a group of people can raise slogans of Pakistan Zindabad in Medical College of India? How can they support Pakistan? I myself am from India and I take pride in this. Ananya demanded, strict action should be taken against those who do this, because if we do not suppress their voice now, then in the coming time also our voice will be suppressed and these people have fun by getting MBBS degree with government money. Will take Ananya told that she herself has been a part of this college.

What did Ananya say about the FIR registered?
Regarding the FIR against the SKIMS students, Ananya said that people are accusing them that they have filed this case, whereas it is not so, when the videos went viral, then it was taken cognizance by the agencies themselves and the video A case was registered after knowing the identity of the people seen. Ananya made it clear that she has nothing to do with the video, FIR and revealing the identity of those people. Some people are also saying that I should support those classmates because it can lead to cancellation of their degree. Ananya said that batchmates are those who study in your college and college is in India, those who support Pakistan against your India, how can they be my batchmates.

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Terrorist organization issued threat
In this case, the United Liberation Front Jammu and Kashmir has become active, which is said to be a group of Lashkar and which was ahead in killing non-Kashmiris in the past. The group has issued a statement on 26 October saying that they have got information about who is behind these FIRs. Non-local staff and students are warned not to indulge in such activities.

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