An 89 Year Old Sharpshooter Chandro Tomar Shooter Dadi Takes Aim at Indias Patriarchy | Chandro Tomar

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An 89 Year Old Sharpshooter Chandro Tomar Shooter Dadi Takes Aim at Indias Patriarchy | Chandro Tomar

Mumbai: For some people, age is just a number, they have proved it from time to time. One such person is 89-year-old Chandro Tomar alias ‘Shooter Dadi’. People get sidelined from many things just because of age, at that age Chandro Tomar made a name for himself in shooting, won many medals and became known as Shooter Dadi Chandro Tomar is a source of inspiration for young women in India, especially for women and girls who still face patriarchy, being deprived of many rights in the name of tradition. The patriarchal system even today has put yokes on the feet of women and prevented them from soaring in this open sky. Chandra Tomar alias Shooter Dadi has tried to observe this patriarchal system.

Shalini Venugopal Bhagat, who writes a column in The New York Times, has written an article on Chandro Tomar’s life entitled ‘An 89-Year-Old Sharpshooter Takes Aim at India’s Patriarchy’. An 89-year-old woman is standing in the yard with a pistol, she writes. The pink scarf covers her head and the rest of her body, and her arms are very stable. She focuses her attention on the target 12 feet in front and fires and takes an accurate look at it. You have to focus on your goal, forget about the things that distract you, says Chandro Tomar Dadi.

Although Chandro Tomar may seem like a typical grandmother, she is the oldest shooter in the world today. He has won many medals so far. She is a true role model for feminists and has been training many girls in shooting for the last 20 years. A Hindi film titled ‘Sand Ki Onkh’ has also been made on the lives of Chandro Tomar and Prakashi Tomar.

Grandmother Chandro Tomar took a pistol in her hand at the age of 65. The people of the city used to laugh at this grandmother in traditional dress when she saw her taking part in a professional shooting competition, but then the laughter of these people was stopped by her grandmother with the exact goal of her shooting. So far, Grandma has won more than 25 medals.

The traditional yoke-pulling community and male family members opposed the idea of ​​participating in the grandmother’s shooting competition, traveling. But Grandma buried them all. Grandma says I want to encourage young girls to achieve their goals. Today many girls from Uttar Pradesh participate in this sport but 20 years ago the situation was different.

Grandmother’s native village is Johdi in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. Even today the village is very poor. The first shooting range was set up in the village in 1999. Grandmother Chandro Tomar went to recruit her grandson to teach in this range. One day he put a cartridge in his pistol and aimed it. That target seemed very accurate. At that time, the coach said, “Grandma, come and learn shooting.” Grandma’s courage and confidence grew that day, and at the age of 65, her shooting journey began.

From that day onwards, Dadi started observing and challenging the patriarchal system in the society. In Uttar Pradesh, women’s only job is to give birth to children, raise them and take care of the family. Sometimes women are allowed to go out to feed the men working in the fields. Grandmother had to listen to what people would say and what society would say about an old woman holding a pistol in her hand and participating in a competition. I used to listen to all this quietly, but I had made up my mind that I should continue this work without thinking about the society, says Grandma.

Grandma says I was excited when I picked up the pistol. Today, Chandro Tomar Dadi inspires many girls not only in Uttar Pradesh but also in the country who have to face the yoke of tradition. Even at the age of 89, the grandmother did not wear any glasses, her perception is also accurate. Many wonder what the secret is. This is exactly what Chandro Tomar alias Shooter Dadi did.

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