Amit Shah Big Statement about Meet NCP Sharad Pawar in Gujrat

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Amit Shah Big Statement about Meet NCP Sharad Pawar in Gujrat

New Delhi : While there is a big turmoil in the politics of Maharashtra, now a secret meeting of Sharad Pawar has started. Meanwhile, it is being said that the meeting took place between Amit Shah and Sharad Pawar. While the secret meeting between Amit Shah and Sharad Pawar in Gujarat is being discussed, Amit Shah himself has made a big statement in this regard. Did Amit Shah have a secret meeting with Sharad Pawar at the press conference? When asked this question, Shah has made a suggestive statement saying ‘not everything is made public’. What is special is that they did not deny the meeting.

Who exactly did Sharad Pawar and Praful Patel secretly meet in Gujarat? Amit Shah’s Gautam Adani? Why did Sharad Pawar’s footsteps turn to Gujarat when the Antilia-Waze scandal started in Maharashtra politics? These questions are currently hotly debated in political circles. The Gujarati edition of Dainik Bhaskar has claimed that Pawar’s meeting was with Amit Shah.

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The session of Parliament was adjourned on Thursday. Then until Friday morning Sharad Pawar It was in Delhi. From there he went to Jaipur for the first time. There was the inaugural function of Janakidevi Public School. And then from Jaipur to Ahmedabad. It is learned that Sharad Pawar was in Ahmedabad from 9.30 pm on Friday to 10.30 am on Saturday. Yogayog means Amit Shah was also in Ahmedabad on the same day.

It is said that the meeting was held at Shantigram Guest House in Ahmedabad to keep it secret. Two theories are being put forward about the visit. One theory is that the meeting was with Gautam Adani. The second discussion was with Amit Shah. But no one is yet ready to officially acknowledge that such visits have taken place.

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In the politics of Maharashtra, there is a series of assassinations like Antilia and Vaze Parambir. Against that background, the timing of this visit is important. The current dispute in the state is related to the Home Ministry and Amit Shah is the Home Minister of the country. If this secret meeting is accepted, then another important meaning emerges from it. Pawar and Modi have met several times since 2014. But the chemistry between Pawar and Modi has never been seen in Pawar-Shah.

In fact, Sharad Pawar’s displeasure with Amit Shah’s working style has been revealed in public interviews. Considering all this, if Pawar had met Shah, his importance would have increased. The question arises as to what compelled Sharad Pawar to meet Amit Shah.

In politics, a visit does not immediately create new equations. But in a political relationship, such interviews are important as an icebreaker. Therefore, a political earthquake does not happen immediately with a single visit. But in such a scenario, there is an anticipation of future movements.

Even at the time of coming to power in Maharashtra, there was talk of secret meetings between BJP and NCP. Now that the Mahavikas Aghadi is going through a crisis, the discussion of such visits has started again. Therefore, there are some new equations in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

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