Ali Fazal Mirzapur Web Series Childhood Memories

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Ali Fazal Mirzapur Web Series Childhood Memories

Mumbai: Actor Ali Fazal, who played the role of Guddu Pandit in the Mirzapur web series, has been introduced in households today. Everyone has become a fan of Ali Fazal in Mirzapur. Ali’s acting in Mirzapur has increased his popularity. Ali Fazal’s childhood is very special to him. So he still remembers his childhood. The focus of his memories is his grandfather.

In an interview, Ali Fazal told the stories of his childhood. Ali said his childhood was spent in Lucknow. He completed his education from 1st to 10th in Lucknow. “I have a close friendship with my grandfather, he is like a father to me, and I remember my first chocolate with my grandfather,” said Ali, who has fond memories of his childhood.

Ali said he used to go on long dives with his grandparents. Animals used to roam the streets at that time. Ali recalls his grandfather, saying, “My grandfather was the one who told me as a child to do whatever you want in life.” Ali’s grandfather was a wrestler and loved to play paws. Ali said that his grandparents still have big and small jokes.

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