Alex Murdoff shooting: Former client accused of ‘assisted suicide’

Alex Murdoff shooting: Former client accused of ‘assisted suicide’

Leading South Carolina attorney Alex Murdoff, whose wife and son were shot dead in June, asked a former client to kill him this month so his other son could collect an insurance payment of $10 million, but He survived a bullet injury in the head, police said on Tuesday night.

It was the latest shocking twist in a series of mysteries that have drawn intense scrutiny into the Murdoff family and the countryside of South Carolina, where their family has ruled for more than a century, though it remains unclear who killed Mr. Murdoff’s wife. The central question and son remains unresolved.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division said the former client, Curtis Edward Smith, 61, of Walterboro, SC, was arrested and charged with assisted suicide, aggravated assault and battery, and insurance fraud in connection with the September 4 shooting. Was.

The state police agency said Mr Murdoff, 53, had accepted the plan on Monday and Mr Smith admitted to being at the scene and getting rid of the gun. Mr Murdoff’s lawyer did not respond to inquiries about the arrest, and it was unclear whether Mr Smith, who was booked in the Colleton County Jail, had a lawyer.

Mr. Murdoff has not been charged, but he is referred to as a “co-defendant” in the charging documents for Mr. Smith; A police spokesman, Tommy Crosby, said without elaboration that police expected to make further charges in the case.

Mr Murdaugh’s lawyer and spokesman had insisted that the SC had not been shot and killed on a rural road in Hampton County. He said Mr Murdoff had stopped to inspect a flat tire when someone in the truck pulled over and shot him, fracturing his skull. He was released from a hospital within several days.

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The day before the shooting, Mr Murdoff was kicked out of his family law firm, PMPED, after it was revealed that he misappropriated millions of dollars. Mr Murdoff issued a statement apologizing to his family and his colleagues, and his lawyer said he was entering a drug rehab program.

It was a surprising revelation for Mr. Murdog, who is part of a legal dynasty that has forged powerful ties in the South Carolina Lowcountry over the past century. His great-grandfather, grandfather, and father, successively, served as the top prosecutor in the five-county area from 1910 to 2006.

Mr. Murdoff represented Mr. Smith most recently in 2015 in a lawsuit Mr. Smith filed against a forest management company based in Charlotte, NC. He also represented Mr Smith in 2013 when Mr Smith was given a ticket for driving. Up to 10 mph over the speed limit.

Murdoff’s shooting took place nearly three months later when he returned to his family’s large, rural estate in Islandton, SC, and learned that his wife, Maggie, and 22-year-old college student Paul had been shot. Death.

At the time of his death, Paul Murdoff was facing charges that he crashed a boat while intoxicated in 2019, killing one passenger, Mallory Beach, and injuring others.

The killings led the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division to launch an investigation into the 2015 death of Stephen Smith, a 19-year-old man whose body was found on a street 10 miles from the Murdoff home and whose death was ruled a shooting. And then a potential hit-and-run. No one has been charged in his death.

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