albert einstein rare manuscript: Rare manuscript by Albert Einstein to be auctioned in Paris

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albert einstein rare manuscript: Rare manuscript by Albert Einstein to be auctioned in Paris


  • Albert Einstein’s rare note related to the theory of relativity will be auctioned in Paris
  • This note is expected to sell for more than 2.5 million pounds (about Rs 25 crore).
  • Preparatory work for the theory of relativity was done on this paper

A rare manuscript of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity is being auctioned in Paris. Einstein did preliminary work for the theory of relativity on these notes. People doing the auction have expressed the hope that they can get more than 2.5 million pounds (about Rs 25 crore) from these notes. The document being auctioned is of 54 pages.

Einstein and Michelle Besso wrote by hand
The Einstein–Besso manuscript was handwritten by Einstein and his Swiss engineer friend Michel Besso, 34, in Zurich, Switzerland, from 1913 to 1914. Christie’s of Paris’s Aguts Auction Home, which is auctioning the manuscript, said: “We expect it to sell for between two and three million euros.” Einstein’s famous theory of relativity, published in November 1915, transformed theoretical physics and astronomy during the 20th century.

The Einstein-Besso manuscript on display before its auction at Christies auction house in Paris.

This manuscript is the father of the theory of relativity
The auction house says that the theory of relativity was born on the basis of the Einstein-Besso manuscript. As such, this manuscript can provide fascinating information about the mind of the greatest scientist of the 20th century. The equations in this manuscript failed to solve the problem at the time, but later when they were improved, they led to the theory of relativity.

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Most Valuable Einstein Manuscript
Christie’s said there is no doubt that it is the most valuable Einstein manuscript ever to come up for auction. Physics Today reported that this is not the first time Einstein’s manuscripts have been put up for auction. In 2002, one of his manuscripts was sold for $559,500. But this manuscript is expected to sell for less than that.

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When was the theory of relativity published?
The Theory of Relativity or Theory of Relativity is a fundamental principle of modern physics. In 1906, Einstein published four papers, one of which was ‘On the electro-dynamics of moving bodies’. In this paper itself, the special theory of relativity was mentioned. But, this theory of his was recognized in physics in 1909. He created panic in 1915 by presenting the General Theory of Relativity.

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