Ahmed Arbery’s family and friends are optimistic about the verdict

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Ahmed Arbery’s family and friends are optimistic about the verdict

Brunswick, Ga. – As the jury begins deliberations on Tuesday in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial, local leaders and supporters of the Arbery family outside the city said they were concerned but expected the defendants to be convicted at least some of allegations.

John Perry III, a local pastor, said, “On the one hand, we hope the outcome will end in a verdict that says all three men are guilty.” “But now that we await the verdict, there is a heaviness in the heart, because we don’t know what that verdict will be.”

The small crowd outside the courthouse included friends and relatives of the Arbery family and the same local activists who have been in regular attendance since the trial began nearly two weeks ago. The group, numbering a few dozen on Tuesday, was smaller than Monday’s crowd, made up largely of out-of-town protesters and members of the New Black Panther Party. Mr Arbery’s family and his lawyers asked on Monday evening that people gathered outside the courthouse be peaceful.

Supporters of the Arbery family said Tuesday they thought prosecutor Linda Dunikoski did a good job throughout the trial, but last week’s acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wis., left them nervous about how things would go. Brunswick.

Ahmaud Arbery’s father, Marcus Arbery, said what he saw in the courtroom was “devastating” and he was confident the jury would return a guilty verdict. Ahmaud Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, said she thought Ms Dunnikowski’s closing arguments were “brilliant” and that the prosecutor had presented the evidence well.

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Ms Cooper-Jones said: “I think we will come back with a guilty verdict, and I want to go with it: God has gotten us here, and He is not going to fail us now. ” “We will get justice for Ahmed.”

His lawyer, Lee Merritt, echoed his sentiments. “We are confident that this jury will take all the evidence seriously and come back with a verdict that is exactly what happened, which is the brutal and unjust murder of Ahmed Arbery,” he said.

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