Agni V Vs China Dongfeng Missile: Explained India Agni V Vs China Dongfeng Missile Know Which Is More Powerful

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Agni V Vs China Dongfeng Missile: Explained India Agni V Vs China Dongfeng Missile Know Which Is More Powerful

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India Agni V Vs China Dongfeng Missile: A.P.J. For the first time, its most dangerous missile Agni-5 has been successfully test-fired from Abdul Kalam Island. This missile has the ability to destroy most of the cities of China.

Beijing/New Delhi
India on Wednesday successfully test-fired its deadliest Agni-5 missile, sending a strong message to Dragon, amid tensions with China. Through this successful test conducted in the dark of night, India has shown that the Agni-5 missile is now ready to join the army. Agni-5 missile capable of dropping nuclear warhead is capable of having a range of 5000 km. This ‘fire’ of India is capable of burning even the northern cities of China, which were so far out of the reach of Indian missiles.

Along with this, India has also made it clear that it has got the ability to give a befitting reply to Chinese misadventure but it will not use it first. This latest test of India was important in two respects. First – the Strategic Forces Command of the Indian Army itself tested this inter-continental missile, second – so far 7 tests of Agni-5 missile have been conducted but for the first time it has been fired at night. India’s Agni-5 missile will have a direct collision with China’s Dongfeng missile. Let us know how much power is in which missile…..
Do not provoke India… How successful test of Agni-5 was a blunt message to China!
Chinese missile can attack anywhere on earth
To rule the world, China is continuously increasing the stock of its killer missiles. Not only this, China is also building many intelligence bases in its desert area to hide these missiles. Not only this, China has recently put the whole world in panic by launching hypersonic missiles on Earth from space. According to the report of the US Defense Ministry, China has Dongfeng intercontinental missiles with a range of 12 to 15 thousand km. In the year 2018, China had 75 to 100 missiles. These missiles of China are short-range, medium-range and long-range.

On the basis of China’s Dongfeng missile range, not only India is capable of causing destruction to America. The Dongfeng missiles were manufactured by China with the help of the Soviet Union in the 1950s. The Dongfeng 1 and Dongfeng 2 missiles were the first to be produced, which have a range of 500 and 1250 km, respectively. Now these missiles are no longer in service. The DF-41 is the highest range (from 12 to 15 thousand km) missile in China’s Dongfeng series. The DF-41 missile can carry 10 nuclear warheads weighing from 100 to 200 kilotons to one megaton.

Guam killer is China’s DF-26 missile, compared to Agni

In this way, China’s DF-41 missile is capable of attacking any corner of the earth. Being equipped with MIRV technology, it can destroy many targets coming in its JD simultaneously. Apart from this, China’s DF-26 missile is also very dangerous and it is known as Guam killer. Guam is a US military base. This missile can drop nuclear warheads or conventional warheads of 1200 to 1800 kg. This missile is compared to India’s Agni-5 missile.
US Army Chief scared of China’s ‘Brahmastra’, said – it is not easy to avoid Dragon’s nuclear missileIndia’s most dangerous missile is Agni-5, equipped with atom bomb
The Government of India has officially stated the range of Agni-5 missile as 5 thousand km but China claims that the range of this missile is up to 8 thousand km. In this way, India can target 70 percent of the whole of Asia and Europe. This missile can carry nuclear warheads up to 1500 kg. In this way Agni-5 missile is the deadliest surface-to-surface missile of India. Agni-5 has been developed by DRDO and Bharat Dynamics Limited. apj India successfully tested it from Abdul Kalam Island. It can destroy any enemy city on sight. Its weight is about 50 thousand kilograms. The missile is 1.75 meters long. Its diameter is 2 meters. It is capable of carrying a 1.5 ton warhead.

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Its aim is accurate. The Indian Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) is 24 times faster than the speed of sound at its fastest speed of 8.16 kilometers per second. It can achieve a high speed of 29,401 kmph. It can be launched from mobile launcher. In ICBM, a missile gets a place only after meeting certain criteria. It is seen that the range of these missiles is so much that they can cross one continent i.e. continent and reach another continent or not. Agni-5 fits this scale. Another feature of Agni-5 missile is that it requires less maintenance. Also its transportation is easy.

DRDO preparing to make fire a great destroyer
DRDO, which makes different variants of Agni, is also preparing ‘Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle (MIRV)’. The MIRV payload can carry four to six nuclear warheads in a single missile. They can be programmed to hit different targets. In this way, India will be placed in the ranks of the few countries which have such capability. The canister version of Agni-5 has been tested which can be easily carried anywhere.

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