agartala police questioned i-pac team: prashant kishor team under house arrest in tripura

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agartala police questioned i-pac team: prashant kishor team under house arrest in tripura


  • Inquiries about the reasons for coming to Agartala
  • TMC said – this is an attack on democracy
  • Tripura Police bid – part of routine investigation

The Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC) team of election strategist Prashant Kishor, who has been camping at a hotel in Agartala since last week, has been questioned by the local police. The I-PAC team is assessing the political situation in the state and the possible support base for the Trinamool Congress (TMC). TMC’s Tripura unit termed it as an “attack on democracy” and said the police had locked them up in their hotel.

However, West Tripura Superintendent of Police Manik Das claimed that members of the 22-member I-PAC team are being questioned at the hotel in Agartala city as part of regular checks.

People were roaming outside in police bid – Korana ban
Superintendent of Police Manik Das said, “Around 22 outsiders were roaming around at different places. Since the COVID restrictions are in place, we are making inquiries to confirm the reasons for their arrival and stay in the city. All of them were tested for COVID on Monday, report is awaited.”

TMC bid – attack on democracy
Trinamool Congress’ Tripura unit president Ashish Lal Singh, however, termed it as an attack on democracy. Singh said, “It is an attack on democracy. I am shocked to be a resident of Tripura. This is not the culture of Tripura. The BJP is horrified by the overwhelming response and support received by the TMC due to the misrule of the BJP-led government in Tripura.”

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‘I-pack team reached the state a week ago’
Singh said the I-Pac team has been under house arrest in a hotel since Sunday night. However, the police are calling it a part of routine investigation. He said the 23-member I-PAC team had reached the state a week ago and also visited several places to conduct a survey at ‘Ground Zero’. He held discussions not only with the Trinamool Congress but also with other parties and the team is assessing the political situation and the TMC’s chances in the next assembly election in 2023.

part of routine check-up
However, the district police chief has denied the allegations leveled by Singh that the I-PAC team has been detained and said it was a “routine process”. When contacted, East Agartala police station in-charge Saroj Bhattacharya said, “He was not taken into custody. Now we are checking their documents. They are all in the hotel.”

BJP bid – no information about the matter
Meanwhile, according to sources, the incident has been reported to TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee and professional political campaign strategist I-PAC chief Prashant Kishor. When contacted, State BJP President Manik Saha said that he is not aware of anything about this.

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