After smartphones Xiaomi’s electric car will be launched soon

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After smartphones Xiaomi’s electric car will be launched soon

Electric Vehicle: The demand for electric vehicles is growing rapidly in the country and in the world. So many car manufacturers are bringing electric cars to market. Apart from car makers, some tech companies are now considering entering electric car manufacturing. According to the information received, the popular Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi is also going to make electric vehicles.

Joining hands with the Great Wall

According to media reports, Xiaomi has teamed up with the Great Wall to make electric vehicles. The company will build its electric vehicle at the Great Wall plant. Both companies may announce this next week.

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The Great Wall has never come together with any company to build vehicles. Great Wall Company Engineering will help Xiaomi take this project forward. Xiaomi plans to bring its electric vehicle to the big market. However, it is not yet known when these vehicles will hit the market.

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Big rally in shares

Shares of Xiaomi rose 6.71 percent last Friday. At the same time, Hong Kong shares of the Great Wall rose eight percent. Shanghai shares rose seven percent.

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