afghan refugees crime: US concerns over crimes of Afghan refugees

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afghan refugees crime: US concerns over crimes of Afghan refugees

The US is now finding it difficult to shelter large numbers of Afghan refugees. Actually, a group of Afghan refugees has attacked a female American soldier. After which the American investigative agency FBI has started investigating the whole case. It is being told that many male Afghan refugees are involved in this attack at the Fort Bliss base of the US Army. Even before this, many criminal cases related to Afghan refugees have come to the fore.

Attacked by three Afghan refugees
As reported by ABC 7, the attack took place around midnight on Sunday. Three refugees are suspected to have been involved in the attack. These men allegedly attacked a female US Army constable after arriving for work at the Donna Ana complex. It is being told that these Afghan citizens were airlifted from Kabul only last month.

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Military confirmed the attack
Lt. Col. Eli Payne, Director of Public Affairs for Fort Bliss and the First Armored Division, confirmed the incident. He said that we can confirm that a female service member who worked in Operation Alize Welcome was attacked by some male refugees on 19 September. We take the allegation seriously and have appropriately referred the matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Female constable healthy, security increased in the camp
The identity of the female constable injured in the attack has not been made public. The constable has received medical care and counseling after the attack. It is being told that she has recovered physically. Lt. Col. Eli Payne said that there is continuous work being done to implement better lighting and more security measures at the camp. USA Today reported that there are about 10,000 refugees at the base.

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FBI accepts investigation
Special Agent Jeanette Harper of the FBI’s El Paso Division confirmed that the agency is investigating the matter. US Representative Yvette Herrell, representing the region, called it a failure to screen refugees. He said that my prayers are with the courageous soldier and his family. This is a major failure in the screening process of Afghan citizens. Americans want answers.

Afghan refugee accused of sexual violence
The attack comes days after two Afghan refugees were arrested at a US Air Force base camp in Wisconsin. On Wednesday, the US Justice Department said 20-year-old Bahrullah Noori has been charged with three counts of attempting to have sex with a minor, using force against her, as well as having sex with a minor.

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Case of strangulation of wife on another
Meanwhile, 32-year-old Mohammad Haroon Imad has been booked for domestic violence after he allegedly strangled his wife on September 17. Mohamed Haroon Imad did this act while living in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. They were both removed from base and are now being held in the Dane County Jail. He was to appear in a federal court in Madison on Thursday.

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US soldier standing at Kabul airport (file photo)

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