Afghan Branch Of Islamic State ISIS K Wants To Become Foremost Jihadist Organization In The Region

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Afghan Branch Of Islamic State ISIS K Wants To Become Foremost Jihadist Organization In The Region


  • Islamic State wants to become the largest jihadist organization in the region – Khorasan
  • IS-K targets minorities like Hazara and Sikh community
  • Terrorist group gives place to fighters dissatisfied with Taliban in its organization

What does the Islamic State-Khorasan, responsible for the Kabul airport attack, want? Due to decisions such as participating in peace talks with the US, the group remains against the Taliban and accommodates fighters who are dissatisfied and more fanatical with the Taliban within its organization. The attack that took place in the past has proved how dangerous this group of terrorists is. It targeted everyone from Afghan civilians to American soldiers and Taliban fighters, so the question arises, what is the purpose of ISIS-K?

Wants to end all domination
Islamic State-K seeks to establish itself as the largest jihadist organization in the region. It seeks to capture the legacy of the organizations that existed before it by destroying them. The group appeals to veteran jihadi fighters as well as the youth population in urban areas to join them. Like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, IS-K also takes advantage of its fighters to carry out devastating attacks. The group also used a ‘suicide bomber’ in the Kabul airport attack.
Afghans leaving the country should wait for flights to start, Taliban told how they will be able to leave
Wants to create suspicion towards governments
The group targets Afghan minority groups such as the Hazara and Sikh communities as well as journalists, support personnel, security personnel and government infrastructure in its attacks. IS-K’s goal is to create chaos and uncertainty by bringing disgruntled fighters from other groups into its organization. The terror group wants to cast doubts on the ability of any ruling government to provide security to its people.

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Afghan branch of Islamic State
ISIS-K is an ally of Islamic State in Central Asia. Islamic State fighters spread throughout Syria and Iraq in 2014, followed by the establishment of ISIS-K in 2015, a few months later. In this organization ‘Khorasan’ is actually a province of Afghanistan which covers most of Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia. It is also known as ISK or ISIS-K.


Islamic State-Khorasan

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