Aditya Narayan Hits Back At Kishore Da Son Amit: indian idol 12 aditya narayan hits back at kishore kumar son amit kumar says cant please everybody-

Aditya Narayan Hits Back At Kishore Da Son Amit: indian idol 12 aditya narayan hits back at kishore kumar son amit kumar says cant please everybody-

The controversy that started on the Kishore Kumar special episode of ‘Indian Idol 12’ is deepening. Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar, who joined the episode, had caused a stir by saying that he was asked to compliment all the contestants despite not liking it and he did not enjoy the episode.

Since that statement of Amit Kumar, the singing of the contestants of ‘Indian Idol 12’ has been constantly questioned and some contestants have been demanded to be expelled from the show. The host of the show Aditya Narayan has given his statement many times regarding that episode, but the matter is still not over. People are still questioning the singing of some of the contestants and trolling them to ‘ruin the songs’.

Bole Aditya- Everyone has their own opinion

Aditya Narayan (Aditya Narayan reacts on Amit Kumar controversy) has once again given a clear answer on this whole issue. In an interview to our correspondent Itimes, when Aditya Narayan was asked about the Amit Kumar-Kishore Kumar episode, he said, “People complain more about him who lives in the news and is also successful. By the grace of God, this season of ‘Indian Idol’ has been very successful. We are artists. Whether it’s a dance reality show or a singing reality show, it’s just full of people who are potential art makers of the future and art is subjective. It is not that you scored a century then you became the best player. Some people may like the singing of a human being but some may not. Everyone has their own idea. ‘

‘We can’t make everyone happy’

Aditya Narayan further said, ‘I will just say that we always try our best to honor music and our musicians. The good thing is that most people love our show. We cannot please everyone and we have no such motive. This is impossible. We are not making any TV shows for social media. The content of our show is for those who watch TV. ‘

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‘Kishore was not competing with Kumar, celebrating him’
Responding to Amit Kumar’s statement, Aditya Narayan further said, “We should respect everyone’s views and perspectives, but even more focus should be on making the show better. By the way, let me tell you that the rating of the episode with Kishore Kumar was very good. And also keep in mind that we were not having any fight with Kishore Kumar. We were celebrating them. Haven’t you heard music lovers singing Kishore Kumar’s songs at parties? That’s all there is to it. ‘

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Earlier, when Amit Kumar had expressed his displeasure over ‘Indian Idol 12’, Aditya Narayan had said, ‘If he did not like something during the show or he was offended, he could have told us this during the shoot. Were. We also like it and we could have made a change based on their inputs. ‘

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