Abdul Rashid Dostum Palace: Taliban Captured Afghan Warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum Palace See Greenhouse Picture

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Abdul Rashid Dostum Palace: Taliban Captured Afghan Warlord Abdul Rashid Dostum Palace See Greenhouse Picture

Taliban militants have overthrown the Afghan government led by Ashraf Ghani and replaced it with an interim government. Taliban fighters have also seized the Kabul home of the country’s most infamous war lord and fledgling former vice-president Abdul Rashid Dostum. This house is only in name, if its facilities are seen, then it will leave behind even a good luxurious palace. Terrorists are now taking shelter in this ‘palace’ filled with gold and silver utensils and valuables of Abdul Rashid Dostum, who is called the biggest enemy of Taliban. On the one hand, the Afghan people were struggling with poverty and misery, while Abdul Rashid lived in a palace full of luxuries. Friends are in the dock after these pictures surfaced. The Taliban say that Abdul Rashid Dostam built his palace on the strength of corruption. Let’s see the unseen pictures of the friend’s luxurious palace.

Abdul Rashid Dostam’s palace is drenched with ‘greenery’

Abdul Rashid Dostam, once called the lion of Mazar-e-Sharif, is now in the headlines all over the world for his palace. His palace is full of greenery everywhere. While the entire palace is covered with a green carpet, a magnificent garden is present inside the house. Now this entire palace is occupied by the Taliban. Taliban fighters are sleeping on carpets, plush sofas. His rifle is also lying beside him. There are 7 huge tanks built inside the palace in which fishes are filled. Coolers and ACs are installed in the palace to get rid of the heat. Some sofas are attached to a friend’s garden where the Taliban now rest. For the common Afghan people, this luxury was no less than a dream, but friends used to live in this palace of their Kabul. Inside the huge hall built in the house, glass chandeliers have been installed, which look very attractive to see. A huge and grand indoor swimming pool is also present inside this house.

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Dost’s palace is now occupied by Taliban commander

After the arrival of Taliban rule in Afghanistan, now the entire palace of Abdul Rashid Dostam has been occupied by terrorists. Qari Salahuddin Ayobi, one of the most powerful Taliban commanders, and his supporters are in this palace. 150 terrorists posted under the security of the Taliban commander are now living in this house. Since the capture of Kabul by Taliban on 15th August, these terrorists have been looting the house of friend. There is a complete arrangement of steam bath in Turkish style inside the palace. Not only this, a gym equipped with equipment has also been built for the martial friend inside the palace. It is like a dream for Taliban terrorists who were living in the mountains and valleys for nearly 20 years. On the other hand, Qari, the Taliban commander of the four provinces, has made it clear that his fighters will not be used to this luxury life. Qari said, ‘Islam never wants us to lead a luxurious life.’ He has said that after death, you will get a luxurious life in paradise.

Abdul Rashid Dostam has been the biggest enemy of the Taliban

The whole life of Abdul Rashid Dostam, who is called the biggest enemy of Taliban, has been full of controversies. He has been a former paratrooper, communist commander, war lord. Dost is of Uzbek origin and the former government relied heavily on him. When Taliban terrorists moved to capture Mazar-e-Sharif, the friends fled from there to neighboring Uzbekistan. Dost is accused of making a lot of money in the previous government with the help of corruption. The Taliban hated Dost and there was a special reason for this. In 2001, Dost was accused of killing more than 2000 Taliban fighters. These Talibanis were filled in containers and left in the desert by the friend. He died in agony due to suffocation in the scorching sun. On the other hand, the Taliban commander Qari said that he would not take revenge on the people of the friend. “If people who were suppressed like us had come here, they would have ruined the chairs and tables here,” said Qari. Our new government will not allow such a luxury palace to be built in future. We are with the poor.

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Abdul Rashid Dostam left Ahmed Masood’s side

Abdul Rashid Dostum has a great influence in the northern areas of Afghanistan. Taliban’s ally Pakistan also trembles in the name of Dostum. In 1990, when Taliban fighters were attacking to capture the entire country, he single-handedly led the rebellion in the northern regions. Fierce fighting continues in Panjshir between the Taliban and the opposing factions. Taliban fighters have captured a lot of areas of Panjshir with American weapons. In this hour of crisis, Abdul Rashid Dostam, a friend of Sher Ahmed Masood of Panjshir, has also left him in times of trouble. There were earlier reports that he was about to announce a coalition to support Masood’s front. In fact, the Taliban’s staunch opponents Ata Mohamed Noor, Salahuddin Rabbani, Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum and Mohamed Mohkik came together in support of Ahmed Masood. were about to form an alliance. Now news is coming that due to the opposition of the Turkish and Iran government, these leaders have for the time being refrained from forming an alliance. Both these countries have close ties with the Taliban. In such a situation, these countries are using their influence to stop these warlords of Afghanistan.

Watch the video of the luxurious palace of Abdul Rashid Dostam

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