aayush sharma salman khan antim the final truth: ayush sharma wants to be beaten by wife truth

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aayush sharma salman khan antim the final truth: ayush sharma wants to be beaten by wife truth

After ‘Lavayatri’, actor Ayush Sharma is once again in the spotlight regarding his soon to be released film ‘Antim: The Final Truth’. While in ‘Lavayatri’ he got a grand launch from his wife’s brother Salman Khan, in the last he got the support of this super star. In this special meeting, AYUSH talks about his film, Salman Khan, children and linkups.

What does it mean for you to be Salman Khan’s own brother-in-law?
I was in 12th class at that time. I was a big fan of Katrina and I found out that Salman Bhai and Katrina Kaif are coming to promote ‘Yuvraj’ in a mall in Delhi. After a long wait, those people entered. Salman Bhai was wearing a white shirt and a bandana. I wondered what a good looking hero he is. I just stared at them. Katrina was also behind them, but my eyes did not move away from Salman Bhai. He looked at me and asked, ‘How are you?’ Having said that, they got in the car and left. Then watch the game of luck. I came to study at Mumbai Jai Hind College and I had heard that stars are seen roaming the streets in Mumbai. We were passing through the Gold Gym in Bandra when the auto driver shouted, ‘Look at that Salman Khan’. They were really standing on the road. We people felt that we should take photos with them. The friend said, ‘Listen, they are very angry. But I dared to go to them and ask if we can take a photo with you? So he said, ‘One hundred percent brother.’ At that time we could not believe that they called us brothers. After that when Arpita became my friend and later when we made wedding plan, we went to meet her. He said, ‘Hi! I am Salman Khan! ‘ So it means that I kept visiting them again and again. Just recently I told him that when I first saw you in Gurgaon, I had decided to become an actor. Then he grabbed his head and said, ‘Hey man it happened because of me.’ Taking your launch from them. Filming with them and appearing on posters with them, sometimes it feels like a joke. Our relationship is that of a brother-in-law, but I treat him like a father and an older brother. He kept me with him as an assistant director till 6 years before I became an actor. I was with him in all these films ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’, ‘Tube Light’. From what I learned from them during that time and as they groomed me, I consider myself lucky.
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Salman is known for his angry nature. Have you ever been the victim of their anger?
Very often. (Laughs) Sometimes when we don’t show seriousness in the gym or any kind of training, then a call comes and after that they take our class completely. It will be before ‘Lavayatri’. I was a little fat. He called me and asked, ‘What happened son? Why are you spreading so much? ‘ I said there is no movie right now. What was the scolding that day? They said you will become a hero in front of the camera when people see you on the street and say that it should become a hero.

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Do you find their name burdensome?
Gee, there’s a load somewhere. When I say that I have been trained by Salman Khan, then expectations from me increase somewhere. I consider myself lucky that the biggest superstar of the country is my guru. His name is attached to me everywhere that you are his relative, he has launched you. Although I do not take these things to heart. My duty will be to make my guru feel proud.
Antim Trailer: Salman Khan’s police style was heavy on Ayush Sharma’s hooliganism
In the end you have become a gangster and he is a policeman. How did it feel to beat them on screen?
I was very scared. My love and respect for him is such that I did not feel right to do a fight scene with him. Initially I was not able to bring enough confidence to kill them. Standing in front of them and convincing them in the scene by eating their punch that I can turn them over and kill them. I told him during the shoot that brother fight scenes I do with body double, because I am not comfortable. Then he said, you have to do these scenes with me. Tomorrow you will get a chance to work with big stars, so you cannot say that I am scared.
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Your film is coming with the last John Abraham’s ‘Satyamev Jayate 2’, so is there any insecurity?
I’m a big fan of John Sir myself. He had no intention of clashing with them of his own free will. But there is a line of films to be released, so we have to release these. But I think that ‘Satyamev Jayate 2’ also went well and our film was also a hit. People believe that one will win, one will lose but many times both the films are preferred. John Sir is very sweet, he also did the message. He also promoted our film on social media. Milap Sir (Director of Satyamev Jayate 2 Milap Javeri) complimented the trailer by texting half an hour after the trailer launch that it was fun. Is very good
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You yourself are quite young now, but at the same time father of two children. How much does it compliment your being an actor?
My kids keep me attached to the ground. We are growing together. I have some experience with daughter Ayat, but at the time of Ahil, I did not know what it means to be a father. At the time of ‘Lavayatri’, when we were watching the song ‘Chogda Tara’ at home, Ahil started dancing on it. I think if my kids understood my work, then these would be liked. Right now the last song, ‘Hone Laga’, is liked by my daughter, but not by my son. Began to say, I did not like this song. Why isn’t mamma singing with you? Children’s reactions are sometimes very funny. Once some friends of Ahil came and looking at my clothes said that your father’s shoes are not normal, then Ahil replied, he is an actor isn’t he? So wear boots.
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This world of glamor is called mascara closet that has to be stained, linkups and rumors are common here, so how many are aware of staying away from it?
I want rumors of my linkup to come, no rumor is written about me. Someone write, at least some importance will be found at home. I wonder, what sin have I committed, that no rumor of mine comes. Then even if Arpita knocks a lot, I think Biwi should get attention. News of my linkups will fly, so the case at home will be spicy. Arpita and I are first friends then husband and wife. I often tell her who my linkup should be, man, she says, with someone on whom I also feel proud. So there is a lot of laughter between us.
This is the story of Salman Khan and Ayush Sharma’s ‘Antim’, the clash of ‘Jija-Saale’ will be seen in the film


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