Aai Majhi Kalubai Veena Jagtap quits serial Rashmi Anpat to replace her as Aarya

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Aai Majhi Kalubai Veena Jagtap quits serial Rashmi Anpat to replace her as Aarya

Mumbai: It has become a habit of the viewers to replace an artist in the series and to see a new face in place of the artist who appears every day. Originally the series started once and if its furnace is assembled it lasts at least five years. To this day, many such series continue until the third generation of the onscreen family arrives. Then comes the question of taking advantage of the popularity of the role in the series. In such cases, some actors leave the series without extending the contract and are replaced by a new cast. This is usually the first reason for the cast change in the series. After that, there was a discussion between the actors who left the series due to the disputes between the actors and the producers, the differences between the co-stars, the scissors needed for the role. But now there is talk of a series that will be released six months after the two heroines left the series and will soon be seen as the third actress in the series. My mother is Kalubai Veena Jagtap, the heroine of the series, has been dropped from the series and will be replaced by Rashmi Anpat Kalubai Bhakt Arya.

Produced by Alka Kubal, a veteran actress who once dominated Marathi cinema ‘Mother is my mother-in-law’ The series has been in the news for a number of reasons since its inception. Added to this is the news that Veena Jagtap, the second actress to play the lead role in the series, is leaving the series within six months of its inception. Work on the new series has stalled since the series began in March last year to prevent the spread of the Corona. Of course, this affected the entire entertainment sector. After unlocking in August, the series was allowed to shoot with some restrictions. The promos of some of the new series started flashing. In this, the entire team arrived in Satara for the series ‘Maa Mazhi Kalubai’. The first episode of the series aired in the second week of September. The somewhat exhausted corona re-emerged in September and hit the crew of the series. At the same time, 27 people became infected with the corona. In which senior actress Ashalta Waggaonkar, who was playing the role of grandmother in the series, had to lose her life. Once again as the creator of this series Alka Kubal Whether or not he followed the Corona rules raised questions.

Within a fortnight of the series starting, the shooting stopped because 27 people on the set were coroned. After the crisis subsided, the series took hold, but until then, Prajakta Gaikwad, the heroine of the series, left the series complaining that she was being abused by her co-stars and that she had not received any money from the producers. This time too, a cloud of discussion gathered around the series. At that time, there were strong allegations between Prajakta and Alka Kubal. Who will replace Prajakta? This question fell on the audience and the answer came in the form of actress Veena Jagtap. Less than three and a half months ago, when Veena announced that she was leaving the series, the discussion started again in the TV industry with social media. However, Veena has revealed that she is leaving the series due to health reasons. The shooting of this series has started near Phaltan in Satara district. For that, the artists have to stay in Satara. That is stated in the agreement. “I have taken this decision as I am suffering from the weather and climate in Satara which is affecting my health,” Veena said on social media. Now only mother Kalubai knows how true and how false this reason is.

Just like Prajakta was replaced by Veena, now Rashmi will be seen in place of Veena. Rashmi has previously worked in the series The Beautiful Chocolate Bungalow, Agnihotra Part Two, Freshers. In the lockdown, photos of Rashmi blooming on her terrace went viral. Veena has acted in the series Radha Prem Rangi Rangali and Veena had come into the limelight due to Bigg Boss. The role of Maharani Yesubai played by Prajakta in the series Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji was very popular. The trio, who are hits as popular heroines in the series, have appeared in the audience as the heroines of the same series in six months.

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