‘A Castle for Christmas’ review: Deck the halls with expensive tartan

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‘A Castle for Christmas’ review: Deck the halls with expensive tartan

In “A Castle for Christmas,” best-selling author Sophie Brown (Brooke Shields) has the courage to throw a favorite character down the ladder in her latest novel. Now his fans are angry. Even talk-show host Drew Barrymore – played by talk-show host Drew Barrymore – criticizes Sophie’s actions.

After an on-air meltdown, Sophie leaves for Scotland to escape the wrath of her readers, and to some extent to inspire the author. Her father used to spin yarn, Sophie’s daughter reminds him over a video call. His vivid stories about the Scottish castle where his parents were land-keepers were particularly rich.

In Dunbar, at a quaint bed and breakfast, Sophie is greeted by a group of locals who gather to knit. She also meets Carrie Elves, who plays Duke Miles of nearby Dun Dunbar castle. Thanks to his flamboyant dog, Hamish, he and Sophie make love in town. Impulsively, Sophie decides to buy out Miles’s castle and becomes his eccentric tenant, with a plan to get the property back.

The likable stars, including little Frisson, Elves and Shields, are also saddled with a formulaic script. It also doesn’t help matters that Alves, whose last lead in the romantic comedy “The Princess Bride,” doesn’t show up easily. The supporting cast is more relaxed (notably Andy Osho as Macy, and Lee Ross as Thomas, Macy’s ex-boyfriend and Miles’s servant. But more closely related to him than a puppy portraying the dog’s matchmaker. No one is happy. It’s tempting to say, he puts ham in hamish, but isn’t that an Easter dish?

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a castle for christmas
not evaluated. Running time: 1 hour 38 minutes. Watch on Netflix.

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