8 Year Old Pakistani Boy Accidentally Crossed Border Safely Sent Back Home From India

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8 Year Old Pakistani Boy Accidentally Crossed Border Safely Sent Back Home From India

New Delhi: A clash on the border between India and Pakistan is nothing new. But now both India and Pakistan are in the spotlight for a different reason. An 8-year-old Pakistani boy crossed the Barmer border in Rajasthan on Friday night. The boy was later handed over to Pakistani security forces by Indian Border Security Force personnel.

The boy, who hails from Nagarparker area, was taken care of by the army before he was handed over to Pakistani soldiers.

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Sub-Inspector M.L., serving in the Gujarat Frontier of the Border Security Force. According to the information given by Garg to ‘Hindustan Times’, the boy who came here by mistake had started crying. After which the BSF jawans gave him chocolates and some food.

According to sources, Karim had arrived at the Indian border around 5 pm. Currently, there is a lot of discussion on social media about the photo of the boy entering the Indian border from Pakistan and the incident that happened to him.

Meanwhile, Gemararam Meghwal, a 19-year-old boy originally from Barmer, accidentally crossed the border into Pakistan. The incident took place on November 4 last year. The boy has been in Pakistan ever since. He has been arrested by Pakistan Rangers and is currently in the custody of Sindh Police in Pakistan. Attempts are currently being made to bring him back. In the past too, some people from neighboring India have inadvertently crossed the border, either struggling to return home or being detained by Pakistan before returning home.

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