8 Budget-Friendly Gifts to Get All Your Friends

8 Budget Friendly Gift
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8 Budget-Friendly Gifts to Get All Your Friends

Getting gifts for your friends can be difficult, depending on what you know they already have and what you think they’d like. While your friends might think you’re easy to shop for, they’re probably struggling to find you the perfect gift, too. Whether you have set a spending limit for gifts this holiday season or you’re on a budget, here’s a list of budget-friendly gift ideas to get your friends. 

Matching Gifts

If you have a close-knit friend group, then you all might enjoy having matching items. You can give your friends anything from mugs to clothes to Christmas socks, or anything else that you can find so that you can match. 

You can take these gifts to the next level by adding sentimental value to them. Instead of going to the store and purchasing matching gifts, you can give your friends custom photo gifts. For example, if there’s a photo of your group that you all love, you can send your friends mugs and t-shirts with the photo on them. The next time you’re all together, you can take a group photo of your matching shirts. 

Coloring Books

Coloring books are not just for children. If your friends love being artistic and focusing on a simple task using colors, then coloring books might just be the perfect gift. Coloring books can help someone focus on a task that’s relaxing and easy, so your friends will thank you when they have something fun to do after a long, stressful day of work. 

Engraved Jewelry

Jewelry can be a great gift, but it can be personalized with just about anything. You can put your friends’ names on a bracelet and order one for everyone. You can also engrave jewelry with important dates that mean something to your friends. 

No matter what type of jewelry you choose to get your friends, make sure that it’s something that they’ll wear.  For example, if your friend doesn’t like rings, opt for a bracelet instead. 

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers make great gadget gifts for your friends who can’t get anything done without playing music. Believe it or not, smart speakers are also affordable, so you can get one for all your friends without breaking the bank. 


If you’re buying gifts for your friends during the cold holidays, make sure that they’re always warm by getting them scarves that they can wear every day. Some of your friends will keep the scarf in their cars in case of emergencies, while others will take it everywhere they go. 




Are your friends’ feet always cold? If so, consider getting them slippers that can keep them warm all winter long. If you know your friend won’t remember to put the slippers on every day, try getting them cozy socks that they can wear under their boots so they’ll use them all the time. 


Candles are a great gift for any season. Get each of your friends a different scent that you know they’ll like so that they can use it to relax. You can even choose the scents based on their favorite season. For example, if your friend loves autumn, you can get them a pumpkin-scented candle that they can use in the winter to remind them of the time you carved pumpkins together. 

Bullet Journals

Bullet journals can keep your friends more organized, which may relieve some of their stress. They can use their bullet journals to tackle house chores or make their workloads more manageable. You can choose a bullet journal for each of your friends based on the cover, or you can make the bullet journal yourself with a custom cover.

You don’t have to break the bank to surprise your friends. As long as you give them a gift that has some effort behind it, they’ll appreciate the thought.

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