5 people burnt alive accident ramgarh: jharkhand me car bus ki takkar me 5 log jale jinda dardnak hadse ki tasrien dekh kamp jayenge

5 people burnt alive accident ramgarh: jharkhand me car bus ki takkar me 5 log jale jinda dardnak hadse ki tasrien dekh kamp jayenge


  • Shocking accident on Ramgarh-Bokaro main road
  • Fire broke out after bus-car collision, 5 people died due to burns
  • The five dead were in the car, the bus passengers narrowly escaped
  • The deceased are said to be residents of Patna, police are investigating the matter

Five people were burnt alive after a fire broke out after a direct car-bus collision in Jharkhand’s Ramgarh district. This heart-wrenching accident happened near Murubanda on NH-23 Ramgarh-Bokaro main road. Eyewitnesses said that there was a fierce collision between a private passenger bus named Maharaja and a WagonR car on the Ramgarh-Bokaro main road. The collision was so severe that the car went under the bus from the front. Due to which the five people in the car got trapped in it. Meanwhile, suddenly a fire broke out. Who immediately took the whole bus in the lap.

5 people in the car died in the accident
According to eyewitnesses, the passengers in the bus somehow managed to get down as soon as the fire broke out after the accident. However, the occupants of the car could not get out due to injuries. Due to which all the five people in the car died due to burning alive at the spot. It is being told that a woman, a child and three men were in the car.


All the deceased are residents of Patna, police engaged in investigation
Seeing the number of the car, it is being said that all were residents of Patna, the capital of Bihar. Rajrappa police station in-charge Vipin Kumar said that the documents kept in the car have also been completely burnt. Therefore, no one has been identified so far, but on the basis of the vehicle number itself, it is likely that all are residents of Patna. According to the registration of the car, this vehicle is registered in the name of Alok Roshan of Patna. His permanent address is in Kankarbagh behind the Panchashiv temple. After investigation, efforts are being made to inform the family members of the victim.

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How the accident happened, eyewitnesses told
Immediately after the incident, the fire brigade team and police personnel reached the spot to help. But the fire was so severe that by the time the fire was brought under control, it was too late. Ramgarh-Bokaro main road NH 23 was blocked for several hours due to the accident. The villagers present at the spot told that the Maharaja bus was going from Dhanbad towards Ranchi. The driver’s balance got disturbed near Murubanda. She was going on the road sometimes left and sometimes right. The bus driver tried his best to save the car. He also changed his side with the car, but on seeing the car entered the front of the bus and within a few seconds the car caught fire.

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In another accident, the car collided with the divider and overturned, two died
Two people died in another accident in Ramgarh district itself. The accident is near Kuju Fourlane on Ranchi-Patna road in Mandu block, where a car overturned after hitting the divider. In which two people died. Three people have been seriously injured in this incident. Those who have been referred to RIMS after initial treatment at Sadar Hospital. The deceased have been identified as Golu Kumar (28), Mohit Kumar (26) and both the youths were residents of Sheikhpura in Bihar. The injured include Tisu Kumar and Deepak Jha.


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