106 sal ki dadi ko pote na patka: indore

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106 sal ki dadi ko pote na patka: indore


  • Grandson slams grandmother over property dispute in Indore
  • Many bones of 106-year-old grandmother were broken, hospitalized
  • Grandson wants to get grandma’s house done in his name
  • There is a dispute going on in the house regarding this matter.

One such incident has come to the fore in the Khajrana police station area of ​​MP (MP Today News Update) in Indore. After which the assets have been seen heavy on the relationship. Actually, it is the effect of the property dispute that the grandson of the old lady attacked her. It is being told that after the incident, the grandmother’s treatment is going on in a serious condition. At the same time, the police has started searching for the greedy grandson of the property.

Actually, the grandmother did not know that one day her own grandson would become the enemy of her life. It is worth noting that in the case, the grandmother’s age is said to be 106 years. Khajrana police station in-charge Dinesh Verma said that a very sad incident has come to the fore that a grandson has attacked his 106-year-old grandmother Vismillah-B. He wanted to do grandmother’s house in his name. This controversy has taken a big form. The grandson picked up his grandmother and slammed her on the ground, after which the grandmother has suffered a lot and the grandmother’s hip bone is also broken.

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At the same time, in this case, the police have registered a crime against the greedy grandson. The name of the accused grandson is Islam father Roshan Patel resident of Gandhigram. The police have gathered in search of whom. In the case of the same old woman, the doctor has spoken of serious injury. The old woman has broken her hip bone, the treatment of a 106-year-old old woman is going on in critical condition.

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