10 more Rafale fighter jets to join Indian Air Force in April

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10 more Rafale fighter jets to join Indian Air Force in April

New Delhi: The Raphael fighter jet has further strengthened the Indian Army. India is using the Raphael aircraft to keep an eye on China. In addition, 10 more Raphael fighter jets will soon join the Indian Air Force fleet. According to government sources, three Rafale fighter jets will arrive in India in the next 2-3 days.

Raphael fighter jets and their trainer versions may arrive in India in the second week of April. At the same time, the number of Rafale aircraft in the Indian Air Force will increase after the arrival of these 10 Rafale aircraft in India. So far, there are 11 Rafale aircraft in India and with the arrival of 10 more, the number of Rafale aircraft from India will increase to 21.

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India and France have signed an agreement for 36 Rafale fighter jets. Rs 59,000 crore has been spent on these aircraft. Of these, 11 Raphael planes have so far reached India. They are part of the Golden Arrow Squadron at Ambala. Meanwhile, another 10 Rafale aircraft are rumored to be deployed in West Bengal.

Raphael aircraft is said to be deployed at Hashimara in West Bengal. In North Bengal, China is close to the Bhutan trijunction. India is keeping an eye on China with the help of Raphael against the backdrop of tensions with China. In such a scenario, new Rafale aircraft would also help keep an eye on China.

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Features of the Raphael fighter

1. Raphael is a fighter aircraft that can be sent on every mission. The Indian Air Force has been waiting for Raphael for many years.

2. This plane can go up to 60,000 feet per minute. It has a fuel capacity of 17,000 kg.

3. The Raphael aircraft is capable of performing many tasks simultaneously in hot weather. Therefore, it is also known as a multirole fighter aircraft.

4. It has a Scalp missile, which is capable of hitting the ground from the air.

5. Raphael has a range of 3700 km, while the scalp has a range of 300 km.

6. It also excels in close air support and laser direct long range missile attacks, from anti ship attacks to atomic bomb attacks.

7. The Raphael aircraft can carry a weight of up to 24,500 kg and can fly an additional 60 hours.

8. The speed of the Raphael plane is 2,223 kilometers per hour.

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